Human Rights

Are Morocco and EU heading towards a political impasse?

Europe depends heavily on Morocco for cooperation on two most important concerns: Migration and counterterrorism.


Spanish enclave stands between hope and despair

Border fence with razor wire is a formidable hurdle to overcome before refugees and migrants can enter Europe.


Moroccan politician shot dead in Casablanca

Moroccan police say a suspect has been arrested after member of Constitutional Union party is slain near his home.


In Berlin, politics trump art in Arab films

The Arab film selection at the 67th Berlinale was dominated by themes such as the Syrian War and the Palestinian cause.

by Joseph Fahim


Morocco's February 20 movement: 'Demands still alive'

Not much has changed since the movement's inception six years ago, activists say.

Middle East

Moroccan pragmatism: A new chapter for Western Sahara

Morocco is better positioned than ever to protect its interests in Western Sahara after returning to the African Union.

by Samir Bennis


Morocco will never recognise W Sahara: deputy FM

Nasser Bourita says Rabat will never change stance that Western Sahara is an integral part of its territory.


Morocco harnesses the power of the sun

New $9bn solar plant has been praised for its great potential, but some locals say they are being left in the dark.

African Union

Morocco rejoins the African Union after 33 years

Morocco rejoins the AU after a 33-year absence, despite resistance from member states over the status of Western Sahara.

Women's Rights

Morocco curbs on sale of full-face veil reported

News media say law due to take effect soon also prohibits import and marketing of garment in "all cities and towns".


More than 1,000 migrants storm border at Spain's Ceuta

Five Spanish policemen and 50 members of the Moroccan forces were injured, including one who lost an eye.


Hundreds of African refugees storm Spain's killer fence

More than 800 people rush border barrier from Morocco into North African enclave of Ceuta with half making it over.


COP22: Paris was about the deal, Marrakech the detail

By climate summit's end, dozens of vulnerable countries pledge to stop burning fossil fuels.


Traditional hammams cut into Morocco's forests

Each hammam uses an average of one tonne of wood per day to heat the rooms and water.


COP 22: 'Turn the promise of Paris into action'

The ultimate aim of COP 22 will be to build on the scaffolding put in place by Paris's climate talks in 2015.