COP 22: 'Turn the promise of Paris into action'

The ultimate aim of COP 22 will be to build on the scaffolding put in place by Paris's climate talks in 2015.


Morocco sees 'no turning back' for climate pact

Rabat urges nations that ratified Paris agreement to commit amid threat of Donald Trump winning US presidential vote.


The Muslim world has to take climate action

A new coalition of climate groups has come together to tackle climate change in the Muslim world.

by Naser Haghamed


Morocco's Al-Hoceima protests reflect 'a heavy legacy'

Moroccans are demanding a thorough investigation over the death of fish vendor Mouhcine Fikri.


Fishmonger's gruesome death sparks protests in Morocco

Outraged students in the northern city of Al-Hoceima stage new protests, as the government promises a swift probe.


Heatwave in northwest Africa

Eastern Atlantic storm system brings near-record heat to Algeria


Low voter turnout marks Morocco elections

Turnout seen as reflection of dissastisfaction with governments' performance and politicians' disconnect from reality.

Middle East

Refugees in Morocco set sights on Europe

Hundreds of people in the Bolingo camp are waiting for their chance to cross the Mediterranean Sea.


Morocco restores world’s oldest university

The University of al-Qarawiyyin takes steps to preserve decaying medieval manuscripts.


The fall and the rise of Morocco's left

The decline of main socialist party prompts emergence of far-left groups offering fresh alternatives for October vote.


Moroccans have lost trust in their politicians

As long as politicians are not held accountable, many Moroccans will shy away from taking part in the political process.

by Samir Bennis


Morocco's Benkirane reappointed PM for another term

King's decision comes after Abdelilah Benkirane's PJD wins 125 seats in lower house of parliament in Friday's elections.


Morocco's ruling Islamic party wins parliamentary polls

PJD wins most seats in 395-seat House, while rival PAM comes second, results released by the interior ministry show.


Moroccans vote in crucial parliamentary elections

Initial turnout is reported as low as 10 percent as Moroccans vote to elect the 395-member Chamber of Representatives.


War of words escalates as Moroccans go to vote

Islamist party facing strong challenge from new party.

by Hisham Aidi