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Poverty & Development

Moldova and the Russia-EU tug-of-war

Wedged between Ukraine and Romania, one of Europe's poorest nations must choose between the regional powers.


Moldovans call for reforms and return of missing funds

Thousands protest against government's failure to implement reforms for EU membership and probe disappearance of $1.5b.


Is Gagauzia next on Russia's list?

What the world is witnessing today is not a resurgent Cold War or Soviet-style Russia, but an Imperial Russia.

by Luke Coffey


Ukraine welcomes prospect of US military aid

Russia condemns bill due for final approval that would open way for $350m of military hardware to be sent to Ukraine.

Arts & Culture

Is music the passport to Moldova's future?

Moldova's musicians hopeful that visa-free travel in EU could bring commercial success to themselves and their country.

Business & Economy

Navigating Russia's imploding economy

Sanctions will cost Russia $40bn annually, and an additional $90-$100bn will be lost because of tumbling oil prices.


Pro-EU parties ahead in Moldova elections

Near-complete results show pro-EU parties leading ahead of others who favour closer ties with Russia.


Moldova begins voting in crucial election

Sunday's vote could decide whether former Soviet nation moves towards the EU or turns back to Russia.


Moldova prepares to vote in decisive election

Sunday's election could decide whether the former Soviet nation moves towards the EU or turns back to Russia.


Europe's brand new rogue states

The local population of the breakaway regions in Eastern Ukraine lives in constant insecurity and de

by Olesia Markovic


West v Russia: Propaganda war rages on

Are the old mouthpieces of the Cold War going through a renaissance these days?

by Alexander Nekrassov

People & Power

Moldova: Under the influence

With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine getting bloodier, fears are increasing that Moldova could be next.


Conquering Russia and the 'heartland'

What happens when US moralistic interventionism collides with Russian imperial inertia?

by Vartan Oskanian


Putin's Eurasian dreams

Will Russia's Eurasian ambitions be thwarted by its neighbourhood's increasingly European leanings?

by Remi Piet


Georgia's EU alignment: Regional repercussions

In the wake of Georgia’s Association Agreement with the EU, the regional landscape of the South Caucasus is shifting.

by Richard Giragosian