Human Rights

Mauritania jails 13 anti-slavery activists

International activists say the verdict is a "devastating blow to the Mauritanian anti-slavery movement".


Mauritania anti-slavery activists 'tortured in custody'

Thirteen anti-slavery campaigners in Mauritania claim to have been tortured while detained by authorities.


Security issues dominate Arab League summit

Leaders at Mauritania meeting vow to "defeat terrorism" and back French bid to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Guantanamo Bay

Best-selling author pleads to be freed from Guantanamo

After 14 years in US incarceration, Mauritanian detainee has first hearing on Thursday seeking his release.

Business & Economy

The iron trains of Mauritania

Among the longest trains in the world, they travel hundreds of kilometres through the Sahara desert to deliver iron ore.

Human Rights

Mauritania upholds conviction of anti-slave activists

Activists say move to keep activists in jail is step back for a country that became last to outlaw slavery 34 years ago.


Days of Hope: From Mauritania to Copenhagen

An intimate look at the struggles of refugees and migrants travelling across the Mediterranean, from Africa to Europe.

War & Conflict

Mali rebels doubtful over new peace deal

Despite treaty, Tuareg and Arab rebels say that while they are denied territorial separation, the war will continue.


Niger death toll rises after cartoon protests

At least five more killed in capital Niamey on second day of protests against Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

Human Rights

Mauritania anti-slavery verdict sparks riot

Police use tear gas to disperse protesters after three activists are sentenced to two years in prison.


'People died at sea, that's how life is'

Web exclusive: West African people smuggler says that Mauritanian authorities are closing in on his operations.


Global report says 36 million people enslaved

Global Slavery Index study says Mauritania is biggest offender while India has the highest number of modern-day slaves.


Frenchman identified in ISIL beheading video

Maxime Hauchard seen to be herding prisoners to execution site in video showing beheadings of US aid worker and soldiers


African Union chief in Burkina Faso for talks

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz hold talks with army appointed Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida over transition back to democracy.


Ebola death sparks panic in Mali

Government says it is doing its best to contain virus after two year old girl dies.