Climate activism: A change in approach?

Environmentalists and the general public must change tactics and begin focusing on the big corporate

by Nick Fillmore


Rising sea levels expose Pacific war graves

Officials from the Marshall Islands say remains, thought to be of Japanese soldiers, were disturbed after high tides.

US & Canada

UN urges end of US embargo on Cuba

General Assembly overwhelmingly votes for an end of US economic embargo on Cuba, whose FM says it amounts to genocide.

Human Rights

Micronesians in Hawaii face uncertain future

COFA Agreements provide US regional control in exchange for limited access to America.


Australia's new PM vows to cut foreign aid

Prime minister-elect to cut pledges in foreign aid and will visit Indonesia to address asylum seekers issue.

Asia Pacific

Marshallese form colony on US mainland

Ten percent of Marshall Islands' population now make up a fast-growing community in the state of Arkansas.


Palestinians celebrate status upgrade at UN

Overwhelming majority of states vote to give Palestine non-member observer status, despite Israeli and US opposition.

Middle East

Palestinians react to status upgrade

West Bank and Gaza celebrate UN vote, but not everyone is convinced the new status will help Palestine's cause.


Global diabetes numbers at all-time high

New study says that 347 million adults worldwide have disease, double the number affected by it 1980.


The mystery of missile defence

After the latest failed missile defence tests, critics wonder why the US has spent $100bn on the system.