Missing MH370: Investigators looking in the wrong place

Investigators conclude MH370 site is unlikely to be found in area crews focused on for two years.


Abu Sayyaf commander 'killed in Malaysia'

Malaysian PM lauds security forces as the Philippines reports death of Abraham Hamid, accused of kidnapping foreigners.


Rohingya crisis: Myanmar bans workers going to Malaysia

Myanmar's immigration ministry says it has ceased issuing new licences for nationals to work in wealthier Malaysia.

Human Rights

Baby selling investigation leads to arrests in Malaysia

A woman and two men were arrested on Wednesday after police raided clinics and homes on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.


Babies for sale

101 East investigates Malaysia's underground baby trade.

101 East

Malaysia: Babies for Sale

101 East investigates the sinister world of baby selling in Malaysia, where infants are sold to the highest bidder.

Inside Story

How will Malaysia deal with rising public anger?

Protesters defy police ban to demand the resignation of prime minister embroiled in corruption scandal.


Thousands demonstrate against scandal-hit Malaysia PM

Protests against Najib Razak continue in Kuala Lumpur, where thousands of 'yellow shirt' anti-PM demonstrators gather.

Asia Pacific

Are US allies in Southeast Asia defecting to China?

Malaysia and the Philippines' rapprochement with China is the result of temporary alignment of interests.

by Richard Javad Heydarian

Asia Pacific

Wing part confirmed to be from flight MH370

Australian investigators used part number on debris found in May to link it to missing Malaysian Airlines plane.


Malaysia reports first case of Zika virus

Woman contracted disease after travelling to Singapore, where 115 people have been infected.


Malaysians call for arrest of official over 1MDB row

Protesters demand proper investigation into disappearance of millions of dollars from state investment fund.


Indonesian crew 'takes' tanker due to commercial row

Authorities say ship carrying 900,000 litres of diesel has not been hijacked as earlier reported.


Thailand 'asks' Malaysia for help to trace bomb suspect

Owner of mobile phone used to detonate one of the bombs in recent attacks in Thailand is said to be from Malaysia.


Malaysia arrests nine suspected ISIL members

Among those arrested were two local suspects in the June grenade attack outside Kuala Lumpur and three foreigners.