Macedonians take on government in massive protest

More than 20,000 Macedonians protested against the government in the largest demonstration of the Colourful Revolution.

Syrian Refugees

Refugees: Waiting for eviction from Greece's Hara Hotel

Many refugees continue night-time excursions through razor-wire fences into Macedonia, only to be beaten and returned.


Macedonia: 'Colourful revolution' issues ultimatum

Up to 5,000 people march from Macedonian Special Prosecutor's office to government offices in central Skopje on Monday.


Macedonia activists defiant as 'I Protest' marches grow

Supporters of the "Colourful Revolution" movement call for further demonstrations to "end criminal governance".


Who are Macedonia's 'I Protest' demonstrators?

Since early April, Macedonians have marched en masse to protest against alleged government corruption and mismanagement.


Macedonia: New protests as snap poll date set for June

Country officially sets date for early election on June 5 despite opposition warnings that they will boycott the vote.


Refugees stuck in Idomeni: Questions but no answers

Thousands stuck at a makeshift camp across Greek-Macedonian border are clueless about what is going to happen next.


A day in Idomeni

Tens of thousands of refugees stuck at the Greece-Macedonia border refuse to move to government-run camps.

Human Rights

Afghan refugees drown in river en route to Macedonia

Family members die in river as thousands try alternative route to Macedonia from Greece after border closure.

War & Conflict

Refugee crisis: Bottlenecked on the Balkan route

A rapidly increasing number of refugees gather in Idomeni camp waiting for the Greece-Macedonia border to open.

Humanitarian crises

Macedonia allows trickle of refugees to cross border

Border restrictions leave more than 11,000 stranded at camp in Greece, with many confused about their next steps.


Macedonia hits refugees with tear gas, stun grenades

Frustrated refugees in overflowing Greek camp destroy barrier along border, while police in France dismantle a camp.


Desperate refugees riot at Greece-Macedonia border

Angry refugees stranded at border rip open razor-wire barrier trying to enter Macedonia as guards fire tear gas.


Why is Europe closing its borders to Afghans?

Afghans become the latest to be denied access to Europe through the Greek-Macedonian border, closing a long-used route.

War & Conflict

Macedonia urged to take in stranded Afghan refugees

Serbian and Macedonian moves to block passage of Afghans have resulted in a build-up of refugees in Greece.