Libya passenger jet hijacked, diverted to Malta

Aircraft with 118 people on board hijacked by men claiming to have hand grenades who threatened to blow it up.


Italy jails boat captain for 2015 refugee deaths

Tunisian Mohammed Ali Malek given 18-year sentence for incident in which only 28 survived out of about 850 on board.


Should the West intervene in Syria?

"Aleppo will be the shame of our generation" - French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy on failure to intervene in Syria.


Remembering the troubadour of the Libyan revolution

Matthew Millan talks about his documentary which follows defiant musicians who emerged during the Libyan uprising.

Inside Story

Is this the beginning of the end for ISIL in Libya?

ISIL has just lost control of the city of Sirte, its last stronghold in Libya.


Libyan troops clearing Sirte of remaining ISIL fighters

Forces wary of storming buildings as ISIL believed to be using women and children as human shields.


Sirte's children 'traumatised' after life under ISIL

Field hospitals struggle to treat women and children who escaped from the small area still under ISIL control.


Libyan forces 'take total control' of Sirte from ISIL

Hundreds of loyalist troops and unknown number of ISIL fighters killed as pro-government forces seize coastal city.


Libyan forces retake Sirte from ISIL

Strategic port city known as the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi became an ISIL outpost in 2015.


Monkey attack sets off deadly tribal clashes in Libya

Pet monkey pulled off girl's headscarf igniting days of tribal fighting in the south, killing at least 16 people.


Libyans 'suffering' under looming economic collapse

Residents and analysts tell of deteriorating situation as World Bank forecasts possible economic collapse.


More than 240 refugees die in Mediterranean this week

Latest death tolls from Mediterranean shipwrecks lift total number of people who died this year to more than 4,500.


Sarkozy hit by new Gaddafi campaign-funding claims

France-Lebanese businessman tells French news site he delivered cash from late Libyan leader in 2006 and 2007.


100 feared dead in latest boat disaster off Libya

Rescue effort under way in the Mediterranean, with only 23 rescued so far from a boat carrying more than 120 people.


Battle for Libya: Key moments

Timeline of decisive battles and political developments in Libya's uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.