Party of Lesotho PM takes early lead in snap election

Thomas Thabane's All Basotho Convention party is ahead with wins in 35 out of 80 voting districts, early results show.


Lesotho votes in bid to overcome tension

Thousands queue to cast ballots in hope to end political deadlock after an attempted coup six months ago.


Lesotho: Africa still more coup-prone than other continents

Many countries have embraced Western-style democracy but coups and attempted coups still happen.

by Musaazi Namiti


Fresh unrest in Lesotho thwarts PM's return

Tom Thabane fled to South Africa on Saturday amid coup rumours, and was set to return to the country to reclaim power.


Fear prevails on Lesotho's streets

Citizens of the tiny African nation say they're increasingly anxious of the fallout after alleged coup.


S Africa tackles Lesotho 'coup' crisis

Deputy prime minister invited for talks after PM Thabane fled amid reports that army had attempted to seize power.


Analysis: Did Lesotho's army attempt a coup?

Having fled to South Africa, Prime Minister Tom Thabane has accused the military of planning to overthrow him.


Lesotho PM flees country amid coup claims

Prime minister says he is being hunted and that his deputy, who denies apparent coup attempt, may be involved.


Military coup under way in Lesotho

Prime Minister, who is currently in South Africa, confirms to Al Jazeera that army has taken over government buildings.


Lesotho parliament suspended amid coup fears

Neighbouring South Africa urges political leadership to find amicable solution after PM suspends parliament.


Silicosis: The curse of Lesotho's miners

A legacy of injustice and an under-resourced healthcare system has led to generations of workers becoming gravely ill.

Inside Story

Are the royals still relevant?

As Netherlands' Queen Beatrix plans to step down, we examine the pros and cons of maintaining the modern monarchy.


Tensions as S Africa miners continue strikes

Mine reports 13 per cent worker attendance, while President Zuma faces pressure over violence that left 44 people dead.

Business & Economy

Lesotho 'motorbike-medics' boost health cycle

Doctors ride motorcycles for long distances on bad roads to bring better healthcare to villages.

Humanitarian crises

Stormy weather blasts Southern Africa

Five dead after two days of severe weather.