Middle East

Thousands of Syrians face eviction from Lebanon camps

Aid workers warn of humanitarian catastrophe as Lebanon's army threatens to begin demolition of camps in Bekaa Valley.


Lebanon president blocks extension of parliament's term

Michel Aoun invokes his constitutional powers to adjourn the parliament for one month.

Middle East

Lebanon: 'Palestinian camp unrest not linked to policy'

Fighting continued for a fifth straight day on Wednesday at the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. At least seven people were killed as factions exchanged fire in the crowded Ain al-Hilweh camp in the country's south.

Middle East

Deadly clashes erupt at Palestinian camp in Lebanon

A fourth day of violence at the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon has claimed two more lives and injured many more.


Why the Lebanese support the same sectarian leaders

The problem in Lebanon is deeply rooted in its very structure.


Should Lebanon get more funds for hosting refugees?

While the government invokes risks of economic collapse due to refugees, the reality on the ground is far more complex.

Middle East

PM Hariri: Lebanon has become a big refugee camp

Saad al-Hariri calls for more international support, saying he fears civil unrest due to Syrian refugee influx.


Israel-Lebanon maritime dispute explained

Lebanon will not yield its maritime territory to Israel, Lebanese officials say.

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Lebanon university settles US lawsuit over Hezbollah

American University of Beirut to pay $700,000 for violating US sanctions by giving media training to banned outlets.

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Syrian refugee children win robot-making competition in Lebanon

Of the 10 teams that won a national robot-making contest, three comprise Syrian children who have fled war and devastation. The prize is a trip to the US to enter into an international competition.


Israel: 2016 killing of Hezbollah commander inside job

Israel's military chief claims Hezbollah military commander in Syria was killed by members of his own group.

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Thousands rally in Beirut against proposed tax hikes

The government says the increases are needed to avoid a $4bn budget deficit.


Military trial to begin for rubbish-crisis protesters

Lebanese activists who participated in anti-government demonstrations say the trial is an attempt to silence them.

Counting the Cost

Will Lebanon tap its oil and gas wealth?

We examine Beirut's ambitions to tap into its energy sector and the challenges ahead.

Middle East

UN cuts financial help to Syrian workers in Lebanon

Syrian refugees with the legal right to work in Lebanon will soon lose financial aid from the United Nations. It's part of an agreement between the Lebanese government and the UNHCR, but some aid groups have warned that it could encourage joblessness.