Looking to the future on Syria Street

New project tells the stories of ordinary people affected by violence and poverty in the Lebanese city of Tripoli.

Middle East

Lebanese soldiers thwart suicide bombing in Beirut cafe

Security forces arrest a would-be suicide bomber in a crowded Costa coffee shop in busy Hamra Street.

Al Jazeera World

Divorce in Lebanon

The stories of five Lebanese women struggling with the complex systems of divorce within a multi-faith community.


Beirut: Birds drawn by rubbish pose 'danger' to flights

Transport minister says the capital is facing an 'emergency' with mounting rubbish posing a real threat to flights.

Middle East

Lebanon's Aoun begins Middle East tour in Saudi Arabia

President is expected to focus on re-establishing military ties and reviving Lebanon's ailing tourism sector.

Syrian Refugees

Painting away the trauma of Syria's war

Artist Diala Brisly is using art to help refugee children in Lebanon cope with the psychological burden of war.

Human Rights

Critics urge repeal of Lebanon rape law

Parliament will consider proposal to strike down a law allowing rapists' sentences to be commuted if they marry victim.

Middle East

A legacy of war in Lebanon's unknown mass graves

Country is not ready for an open discussion about civil-war-era graves believed to lie throughout Beirut, critics say.

Middle East

A life in flux for Lebanon's Dom community

On the fringes of Lebanese society, the Dom suffer from extreme poverty and social marginalisation.


The history of Hezbollah, from Israel to Syria

Despite faltering popularity abroad, Hezbollah enjoys extensive political power at home in Lebanon.

Middle East

Lebanon announces Hariri-led 'unity' government

New 30-minister cabinet brings together the entire political spectrum except Phalangist party that rejected state post.

Middle East

How it feels being a Syrian in exile

The work of Syrian filmmaker, Saeed al-Batal, explores the feeling of never knowing when – or if – you will return.

Middle East

Lebanese soap-maker continues family tradition

Sharkass Soap is among the most well-established factories in Tripoli, a city with a vibrant history of soap-making.

Middle East

Lebanon freezes plan for Ain al-Hilweh's 'racist wall'

Refugees say controversial wall is an attempt to further restrict their presence in the camp.

Human Rights

Palestinian refugees map their lives in Lebanon

Using balloons and a camera, Palestinian refugees have been working on a detailed map of Lebanon's Burj al-Shamali camp.