101 East

Laos: Saviours of the Street

101 East examines what is driving the high number of fatal road accidents in Laos and Southeast Asia.

Business & Economy

Southeast Asia set to become a new EU

ASEAN's single market poised to hit the scene this year, but will regional politics thwart economic prosperity?

Human Rights

Two years on, Laos activist still missing

Many suspect it was Sombath Somphone's work empowering communities across Laos that led to his enfor

by Rupert Abbott

Business & Economy

UN: Opium harvests soaring in Southeast Asia

Regional increase in demand for opium and heroin triggers a resurgence of production and threatens development.


Laos dam threatens fishermens' livelihoods

Project has been damned by environmentalists, who say 30-metre barrier will warp the ecosystem.

US & Canada

Laos' forgotten opium addicts

Roughly 15,000 people are hooked on the drug, but treatment options are few and rates of relapse are high.

Business & Economy

Thai bus crash leaves dozens dead

At least 30 killed and 22 injured after bus carrying municipal workers plunged off steep road in country's west.


Ocean hunt for missing jet focuses on pallet

Australian PM voices confidence in determining fate of Malaysian jet, after debris is spotted in Indian Ocean.


French satellites spot possible MH370 debris

Planes and a ship scrambled to find pallet and other possible debris of Malaysia plane in remote part of Indian Ocean.


Australia expresses hope in hunt for MH370

PM voices confidence in determining fate of Malaysian jet, after debris spotted in area flagged by satellite image.


New satellite images show possible debris

Malaysia's acting transport minister says new images from China show an object that measures 22.5-by-13 metres.


No debris found in Malaysia plane search

Australia's acting prime minster says search planes found "nothing of significance" in remote patch of Indian Ocean.


Possible plane debris spotted off Australia

Australia sends airforce plane to ocean location of objects possibly related to missing Malaysian plane.