Kenya's boat doctors provide treatment to coastal communities

In many parts of the world, doctors will usually get in their car if they need to visit patients. But in small coastal communities in Kenya, doctors and dentists are reaching those in need in a more traditional way.


Kenyan tea farmers wary of new 'fairly traded' label

Small-scale tea farmers in Kenya are uncertain about what a new “fairly traded” label will mean for them.

War & Conflict

Kenya: Nine beheaded in suspected al-Shabab attack

Police say nine men killed in an overnight attack on a village in the coastal district of Lamu.

Kenya: Nine beheaded in suspected al-Shabab attack


Kenya president pulls out of televised election debates

Main presidential candidates back out of two debates in lead up to the August vote, citing format issues.

Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta pulls out of election debates


Children, police killed in Kenya-Somalia border blast

At least eight people, including four children, killed in suspected al-Shabab bombing in Lamu county.

Deadly blast targets police near Kenya-Somalia border


East African farmers face new pest threat

Farmers in countries across eastern Africa, who have already been struggling with devastating drought, are facing a new threat.


Several missing after building collapses in Nairobi

Rescuers search for survivors after a seven-storey building collapses in low-income residential area of Kenyan capital.

Building collapse in Nairobi leaves several missing


Kenya inaugurates new Chinese-funded railway

The country's biggest infrastructure project since its independence is under fire by some for its high costs.


Kenya launches multi-billion dollar railway amid concerns over costs

Kenya has unveiled its first new railway in a century. The first section of the multi-billion dollar project is now operational after two and a half years of construction.


Armed herders invade protected lands in Kenya

The Kenyan government has deployed troops to a central region to fight illegal grazing. Thousands of herdsmen have been driving their livestock on to ranches and protected wildlife reserves. They say drought is leaving them with no choice.


Aid workers claim the Kenyan government is targeting them

Aid organisations in Kenya say they are being targeted by the government. Some aid workers are being denied work permits. In the past the Kenyan government has threatened to send thousands of foreign workers home for not having the right documents

Human Rights

Kenya's Ogiek win land case against government

The Ogiek people, evicted from the Mau Forest since colonial times, have won a historic battle in African land rights.

Kenya's Ogiek win land case against government


Kenyan police officers killed in al-Shabab bomb attack

The police officers were on patrol when their vehicle was hit a by a landmine laid by armed group al-Shabab.

Kenya: Police officers killed in al-Shabab bomb attack

Inside Story

Can famine in Africa be contained?

Millions are going hungry in several countries because of the worst drought in living memory.


Kipchoge just misses 2 hour barrier in fastest marathon

Kenyan runner smashes marathon record by 2 1/2 minutes, but his time will not count as an official IAFF world record.

Kipchoge misses sub-2 hour marathon by just 26 seconds