Millions of Kenyans at risk of elephantiasis disease

Campaign launched to treat patients with disease that affects poor communities where sanitation levels are low.


Kenya fuel tanker explosion kills more than 30

Witnesses describe massive fireball engulfing vehicles after tanker crashed on a major highway in Naivasha town.


Maasai Olympics kick off in Kenya

Biennial event is promoted by conservationists to curb lion hunting and spot talent among southern Kenya's Maasai tribe.


Kenyans urged to end medical strike after patients die

President Uhuru Kenyatta urges medical workers to return to job, saying nearly 20 patients have died in three days.

Poverty & Development

Dangerously cheap: Kenya's illegal abortions

An upcoming battle in Kenyan courts could determine future access to safe, legal abortions for women there.


Kenya delays closure of world's biggest refugee camp

Kenya's decision comes after calls by the international community to postpone the closure on humanitarian grounds.

South Sudan

Fears after Kenya deports South Sudan rebel spokesman

UN says sending the registered refugee back to home country where he faces risk of abuse breaches international law.

Human Rights

Rights group demands probe in Kenya police killings

More than 1,200 people have allegedly been shot dead in Kenya by police since 2009, monitoring group says.


Kenya blames al-Shabab for deadly attack

Raid targeting non-Muslims leaves 12 people dead in guest house in restive Mandera county near Somalia border.


Kenya: Boxing for change

The Olympic sport is offering an alternative to impoverished kids in Nairobi.


Kenyan foreign minister on corruption claims

Kenyan FM Amina Mohamed denies country's auditor-general report that $2bn from Eurobond sale is unaccounted for.


Kenya's FM on human rights, refugees and al-Shabab

Decision to cross into Somalia to fight al-Shabab motivated by "security" and "economic" concerns, says Amina Mohamed.


Is Kenya losing the war against al-Shabab?

We ask Kenyan FM Amina Mohamed, and speak to Ingrid Betancourt, a former FARC captive, about the derailed peace deal.


Kenya's FM: 'We're winning the war' against al-Shabab

Amina Mohamed responds to questions on ethnic Somalis facing discrimination in Kenya, and the war against al-Shabab.


Al-Shabab blamed for attack in northeast Kenya

At least six people killed in attack on residential building in border region often targeted by Somali armed group.