Kenya Snakebite crisis: Anti-venom is running out

Snakes bite tens of thousands of people every year across Africa. And in Kenya, many people die or lose their limbs because they have no access to effective antidotes. The situation is especially dire in remote areas.


Kenya doctors end deadly 100-day strike

Thousands of physicians call off 100-day strike over pay and working conditions after dozens died without care.


Kenya doctors to end strike after deal with government

Public doctors in Kenya have decided to call off their 100-day strike after reaching a deal with the government. The agreement addresses pay and other issues that the doctors had demanded.


Dorcas Kiteng'e: A victim of Kenya's doctors' strike

Dorcas, 25, died last week after struggling to find proper cancer treatment amid the government and doctors' standoff.


Kenya : Locals miss out on benefits from archaeological sites

It's still the most complete early human skeleton ever found. But 30 years after archaeologists unearthed the 'Turkana boy' fossil in northern Kenya, the people who live near the site are yet to benefit from the discovery.


Kenya's striking doctors defy order to resume work

Union officials say they will wait for the conclusion of court-supervised resolution of the three month-long dispute.


The boxing girls of Kenya

How a boxing academy in one of Nairobi's toughest neighbourhoods is teaching girls much more than how to throw a punch.

Poverty & Development

Mozart in Nairobi's Korogocho slum

With their flutes, cellos and saxophones, the children of the Ghetto Classics Orchestra brighten the Korogocho slum.


'57 al-Shabab fighters killed' in Somalia raid

AMISOM announces one of deadliest attacks on armed group's base in Juba, but al-Shabab says it lost no fighters.


Kenya looks to tap oil in northwest Turkana

The government of Kenya plans to start testing the production of crude oil in the northwest of the country. A British exploration company will transport oil from Turkana to a port on the Kenyan coast.


How to tackle repetitive droughts in the Horn of Africa

Investing in localised initiatives to mitigate drought can help the continent to break the cyclic nature of disasters.

by Esther Ngumbi


Kenya jails doctors' officials as strike crisis deepens

Doctors' union cancels government talks after officials are hit with 30-day jail term over strike at public hospitals.


In Kenya, doctors' strike leaves a nation ailing

With public sector doctors and the government at an impasse, patients are beginning to overwhelm private hospitals.


World's biggest refugee camp escapes closure

Kenya's high court declares government order to close world's biggest refugee camp 'null and void'.

rebel education

Teaching Empowerment: Prison Education in Kenya

Kenyan prison inmates learn how to read and write as well as gaining legal skills to represent themselves in court.