Middle East

Jordan frees soldier who shot dead 7 Israeli girls

Ahmad Daqamseh opened fire on Israeli schoolgirls on a trip to the Jordan-Israel border in 1997.

Middle East

Jordan hangs 15 convicts, most in years

Prisoners, all Jordanians, convicted of 'terrorism' offences and rape hanged in Suaga prison, south of the capital.


Street art in Jordan: 'The world is their gallery'

Graffiti artist Suhaib Attar says his goal is to brighten up Amman and help people think outside the box.

Al Jazeera World

King Hussein of Jordan: On A Knife Edge

The second half of King Hussein's career, his relationship with Israel, the Palestinians, the Arab world and the West.

Human Rights

Jordanians protest over price increases

Demonstrations across country oppose new taxes on goods and services and call on cabinet to resign amid economic crises.

Al Jazeera World

King Hussein of Jordan: Survival of a dynasty

The life and struggles of King Hussein of Jordan, from the assassination of his grandfather to the rise of the PLO.


Jordan's worsening economy sparks a new wave of protest

A government increase in sales tax has affected poor and middle-class families, activists say.

Human Rights

Jordanian activists released after spy agency crackdown

Protesters arrested after criticising corruption and rising prices freed after weeks in detention.

Middle East

Jordan hits ISIL targets in southern Syria

Military strikes armed group two years after a Jordanian pilot was captured and burned alive in a cage.

Middle East

Jordan chief judge quits over 'begging for Gulf money'

Ahmad Hilayel delivered a sermon in which he chastised Gulf leaders, demanding more financial assistance.

Syria's Civil War

Deadly bomb blast hits Syria's Rakban refugee camp

Deaths reported as camp near Jordan border is attacked days before peace talks in Kazakhstan.


Jordan struggles to draw new tourists

Recent Karak siege was just the latest setback to an industry in flux.


Jordan cracks down on activists over social media posts

Eight activists, including retired army generals and teachers, charged over anti-government statements.


Pro-reform Jordan group criticises detentions

Lawyers say activists held in 'political witch-hunt' but government justifies the arrests on grounds of incitement.

Syrian Refugees

Dire conditions for Syrian refugees on Jordan's border

Refugees in "the berm" area face new challenges amid advent of harsh winter weather.