North Korea

North and South Korea agree to open dialogue

Meeting, set for January 9 inside DMZ, to focus on North's participation in Winter Olympics next month in South Korea.

North and South Korea to hold high-level talks


The rise of social robots

A glimpse into a future where humans and robots coexist. TechKnow meets social robots in Japan.

Mental health

Suicide, social media, and a Japanese serial killer

Many young Japanese take to Twitter to discuss suicidal thoughts, and at least nine fell prey to a mass murderer.

Suicide, social media, and a Japanese serial killer

South Korea

S Korea, Japan seek to mount pressure on N Korea

The South Korean foreign minister and her Japanese counterpart will be holding their first talks in two and a half years to discuss the situation in North Korea.

Asia Pacific

Japan picks 'North' as 2017 symbol amid N Korea threat

Kanji character for 'North' chosen as defining symbol of 2017, reflecting unease over North Korea's nuclear programme.

Japan picks 'North' as 2017 symbol amid N Korea threat

Asia Pacific

Survivor of Hiroshima atomic bomb attack speaks out

Hiroshi Harada was six years old when the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, in Japan. It was the first and only time that nuclear weapons have been used in war.

Asia Pacific

Art helps students bridge Japan-N Korea divide

Students in Japan are using art to express their feelings on their country's tensions with North Korea. They are reaching out to other students whose families migrated to Japan from North Korea years ago, as they try to bridge a cultural divide.

North Korea

North Korea, trade top Trump's agenda in China

Despite Donald Trump's love of walls, his visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping is not expected to include a tour of the Great Wall, instead focusing on North Korea and US-China trade deals.

Inside Story

What can Trump offer Asia?

The US president is in Asia, where one country dominates talks: North Korea.


Abe and Trump urge 'maximum pressure' on North Korea

Japanese PM says now is not the time for dialogue as US president declares 'era of strategic patience is over'.

Abe and Trump call for 'maximum pressure' on N Korea

Donald Trump

Trump kicks off Asia tour in Japan

Trump's Asia tour, the longest to the region of any US president in more than 25 years, will include South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Nuclear weapons

Korean schools in Japan receive bomb threats

Korean schools in Japan are receiving bomb threats as North Korea continues its missile tests and threatens to destroy the country in the event of a nuclear war.

Asia Pacific

Japan - first stop for Trump's Asia-Pacific tour

Donald Trump has kicked off his 12-day tour of the Asia-Pacific region in Japan.

Donald Trump

Trump in Asia: Conundrum over N Korea's nuclear threat

Alarms raised globally over both Kim and Trump's unpredictability - and relative inexperience on the world stage.

Trump in Asia: Conundrum over N Korea's nuclear threat