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Behind Ivory Coast's army mutiny

Was the soldiers' revolt a one-off, or a red flag pointing to deeper problems within the West African country?


Ivory Coast minister freed after troops mutiny deal

Disgruntled troops surrounded house in Bouake where defence chief was staying, firing automatic weapons and RPGs.


Ivory Coast: Minister trapped after soldiers open fire

Disgruntled troops surround house in Bouake where defence chief is staying despite reported agreement to end revolt.


Heavy gunfire rocks Ivory Coast's Bouake army camp

Gunfire erupts near main military camp in city of Bouake, where disgruntled soldiers launched a mutiny on Friday.


Soldiers launch mutinies in three Ivory Coast cities

West African nation's defence minister says the mutineers are demanding salary increases and payment of bonuses.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast voters back new constitution

Officials say more than 90 percent supported the new charter, though turnout was low following an opposition boycott.

Inside Story

Does Ivory Coast need a new constitution?

Voters in Ivory Coast are casting a ballot in a referendum on Sunday to approve a new constitution.

Business & Economy

Coffee business brewing in Ivory Coast

The world’s biggest producer of coffee beans is now starting to roast and package some of the produce locally.

Business & Economy

Ivory Coast pins its hopes on first chocolate factory

World's biggest exporter of cocoa beans takes what it calls its first step to become a player in the global industry.


Ivorians film defiant music video on al-Qaeda-hit beach

Collective of musicians from Ivory Coast film video on Grand-Bassam beach, the site of attack that killed 19 in March.

War & Conflict

The re-emergence of AQIM in Africa

AQIM has shown resilience and an ability to adapt to new situations, making it a dangerous and resourceful adversary.

by Olivier Guitta


Ivory Coast on security alert after beach attack

Al-Qaeda branch claims it carried out Sunday's attack, which left 18 dead, as revenge for France's offensive in Sahel.

Ivory Coast

Al-Qaeda claims deadly Ivory Coast attack

Six gunmen storm Grand Bassam beach town, killing at least 16 people before security forces shoot them dead.

War & Conflict

An attack on Ivory Coast was inevitable

Ivory Coast has been a target since it became France's regional base for countering terrorism in the Sahel.

by Ayesha Kajee


Ivory Coast attack: Beyond the targets

The indirect targets of the Ivory Coast attack are both France and a commitment to secularism in western Africa.

by Remi Piet