Berlin truck attack suspect shot dead in Milan

Suspect in Berlin Christmas market truck attack killed in shootout in a Milan suburb, Italian minister says.


New shipwrecks add to deadliest year for refugees

As many as 100 refugees drown off Italian coast, raising 2016 record death toll over Mediterranean to at least 5,000.

Refugee Crisis

African ghosts in Sicily

They risk it all - crossing deserts, enduring brutality in the prisons of Libya and embarking on perilous voyages across the Mediterranean on rafts and old fishing boats.


Italy jails boat captain for 2015 refugee deaths

Tunisian Mohammed Ali Malek given 18-year sentence for incident in which only 28 survived out of about 850 on board.


Now Italy needs a new deal - and new politics

There is a renewed sense of civic participation in Italy and perhaps it can lead to a restart of its stale politics.

by Lorenzo Marsili


Italy's president names Gentiloni as new PM

Following Matteo Renzi's resignation over referendum defeat, foreign minister is entrusted with forming new government.

Counting the Cost

The Italian job: In the grip of economic uncertainty

Will Italy's political and economic problems develop into a new test for the future stability of the eurozone?


Early elections possible as Italy's Renzi steps down

Far-right leaders call for early elections or threaten to "take to the streets" as Matteo Renzi resigns as Italy's PM.


Italy decides its future

What's at stake in the Italian constitutional referendum?


PM Matteo Renzi vows to resign after referendum defeat

Italian PM says he will step down after voters rejected his constitutional reform plan.


PM Renzi's future at stake in Italy referendum vote

Interior Ministry reports "very high" turnout on referendum to reduce Senate's role and cut back on provincial powers.


Analysis: Italy's constitutional referendum

The December 4 vote could alter the country's constitution and reform the 70-year-old republic.

Inside Story

Will Italy vote yes or no for constitutional reforms?

Referendum on Sunday decides whether or not to strengthen central government and weaken the old political guard.


Why Matteo Renzi should vote no in the Italy referendum

Italian PM Matteo Renzi has perhaps not contemplated that a yes vote on the referendum can be to his detriment.

by Silvia Mazzini


The aftermath of Turin floods

Much of northern Italy suffered damage after the heaviest rain to hit the region in several years.