Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel 'lobbying FIFA' to prevent settlement teams' ban

FIFA to discuss in May sanctions call over six teams based in Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory.


Take a tour of West Jerusalem's Palestinian history

A new documentary brings the hidden urban Palestinian history of West Jerusalem on to screens everywhere.

Human Rights

Palestinian prisoners go on mass hunger strike

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners start hunger strike to demand basic rights as Israeli jails' conditions hit 'new low'.

Human Rights

What it means to be a Palestinian prisoner in Israel

As hundreds of prisoners go on a mass hunger strike, here is a fact sheet about their plight in Israeli jails.


BDS activists defy US moves to curb Palestine advocacy

As more states pass bills targeting the movement to boycott Israel, analysts believe such measures could backfire.

Human Rights

Israeli army 'among world's child rights violators'

Documented cases of killing and maiming of children prove that Israel is a child rights violator, rights groups say.


Facebook vs Palestine: Implicit support for oppression

Facebook's censorship and information sharing policies reveal a persistent pro-Israeli bias.

by Nadim Nashif


Zionism's problem with intersectionality

There is an undeniable organic connection between the struggle of the Palestinians and that of other people of colour.

by Shaheen Nassar

Middle East

Israeli soldier killed in 'car attack' near Ramallah

Palestinian man from Silwad shot and detained after he allegedly ran over two soldiers outside the Ofra settlement.

Al Jazeera World

A Village Under Occupation

The story of the Palestinian village of Qaryut and its struggle to deal with attacks by nearby Israeli settlers.

Middle East

EU criticises Israel's West Bank demolitions policy

EU ambassador reads out statement at high-level meeting, saying Israel breaking international law.

Inside Story

Why are human rights workers barred from Gaza?

Human Rights Watch says Israel and Egypt are preventing researchers from entering Gaza to document alleged abuses.


Israel 'scared to grant entry permissions to Gaza'

Rights group says Israel is blocking access for researchers to Gaza, compromising efforts to document violations.


Israel unveils latest missile defence system

The interceptor called 'David's Sling' is designed to shoot down medium-range missiles.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

UN slams Israel, calls new settlement 'threat to peace'

UN chief calls decision to build another illegal settlement on occupied Palestinian land an 'obstacle to peace'.