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Caught on tape: Netanyahu pulling the media strings

A look at one of Israel's biggest media scandals and PM Benjamin Netanyahu's incriminating role.

Inside Story

Another attempt at peace for Palestine and Israel

Is there still hope for a two-state solution?


Palestine: Growing Recognition

Amid efforts to bring the issue back to the negotiating table, 137 UN member nations have recognised State of Palestine.


Netanyahu's media scandal: Who bribed whom?

The latest revelations throw a glimmer of light on the systemic corruption in Israel, analysts say.


The Lobby Episode 1: Young Friends of Israel

Al Jazeera Investigations reveals how pro-Israel groups are trying to influence Britain's youth.

Middle East

Vatican embassy a 'place of pride' for Palestinians

Palestinian leader meets Pope Francis for the opening of Vatican-based embassy, a day before Paris peace conference.


Palestinian Authority set to open embassy in Vatican

President Mahmoud Abbas meets Pope Francis for the opening of the embassy, one day before Paris peace conference.


Israel Lobby: Headlines, resignations, calls for probe

Al Jazeera releases last installment of investigation that explores Israeli attempts to influence British democracy.


Opposition to a Jewish state is a legitimate position

Jewish Labour activist who was suspended after being accused of anti-Semitism for criticising Israel tells her story.

by Jackie Walker

The Listening Post

Netanyahu's media manipulation revealed

The tale of the tape that puts the lie to the Israeli PM's media narrative. Plus, the Zimbabwean journalists' dilemma.


The Lobby Episode 4: The Takedown

Israeli embassy official in London discusses potential plot to '"take down" UK politicians - including a senior minster.


Israel asylum seekers: 'They want to break our spirits'

Sudanese and Eritreans who fled to Israel to escape persecution are finding refugee status nearly impossible to obtain.


UK: Corbyn calls for probe into Israeli 'interference'

Labour Party leader urges PM Theresa May to open an inquiry after Al Jazeera's investigation The Lobby.

Labour Party

Episode 2: The Training Session

In part two, our undercover reporter joins a delegation from the Israeli embassy at last year’s Labour Party conference.

Syria's Civil War

Syria warns Israel after rockets hit air base

Large plumes of smoke rise over the capital with the Syrian army accusing Israel of targeting Mazzeh military airport.