Battle for Mosul

Mosul civilians: 'There were pieces of bodies'

Dozens of civilians died in a recent coalition strike aimed at killing an ISIL commander in Mosul, residents say.

Battle for Mosul

'They hit the oppressed': Iraqis share their stories

Iraqi civilians share their plight as casualties continue to mount from US-led coalition air strikes in Mosul.


The future of militias in post-ISIL Iraq

Iraq’s future stability will depend on how it manages its various militias.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi

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Civilians caught in west Mosul crossfire

Civilians from western Mosul are blaming aerial attacks for causing the most casualties in the offensive. More than half a million people are trapped in the ISIL-held west of the city, which Iraqi forces are trying to recapture.


In west Mosul, 'nowhere is safe for civilians'

Anti-ISIL push resumes after brief pause following reports of a large number of civilian deaths by coalition air raids.

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Battle for Mosul: Civilians at 'grave risk' as fight intensifies

The fighting to drive ISIL out of western Mosul has intensified over the past week, increasing the suffering of an estimated 400,000 civilians still trapped inside.

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US-led strikes kill '200 civilians' in Iraq's Mosul

Coalition says it struck area in west Mosul where officials say scores of civilians were killed by aerial bombardment.

Inside Story

Has the rule of engagement changed in Iraq?

There has been an outcry over the high number of civilians killed by suspected US-led coalition air strikes in Mosul.


Iraq says 200 bodies pulled from rubble in Mosul

After recent heavy fighting in Mosul, Iraqi civil defence forces say they have pulled more than 200 bodies from the rubble in recent days. The troops have been battling to push ISIL fighters from their last urban stronghold in the west of the city.

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Iraq: Sadr threatens elections boycott at Baghdad rally

Powerful Shia leader demands changes to electoral law at Baghdad demonstration attended by thousands of supporters.

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Battle for Mosul: Sharp rise in civilian deaths

Monitors and officials say there's been a marked increase in civilian deaths as Iraqi forces push into Mosul's Old City.

Humanitarian crises

UN: Worst yet to come with 400,000 'trapped in Mosul'

'Worst is yet to come', with hundreds of thousands remaining in Mosul's Old City under siege-like conditions, UN says.

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Trump administration hosts first anti-ISIL meeting

US hosts meeting of 68 countries working to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria.


Kurds in Iraq ring in the new year

The ancient festival of Newroz marks the first day of spring and the vernal equinox.


Iran and ISIL 'top priority' for Iraq-US relations

Iran's role as a regional player will be among the key issues as Abadi meets Trump and other US officials in Washington.