ISIL suicide car bomber kills a dozen in Baghdad

At least 12 killed and 50 others wounded in blast that hits Shia neighbourhood in the Iraqi capital.

Battle for Mosul

Thousands more Iraqis flee Mosul battles

UN says more than 13,000 have been displaced in past five days as Iraqi forces push to retake city from ISIL.

Inside Story

Are foreign countries enabling war crimes in Iraq?

Amnesty International says weapons sold by various countries are being used by militias to commit war crimes in Iraq.


Baghdad car bombings leave more than a dozen dead

At least 17 people killed and 15 others wounded in two separate car bomb blasts in the Iraqi capital.

War & Conflict

Shia militias using arms from 16 countries: Amnesty

The report calls for countries selling arms to Iraq to ensure they won't be used by Shia militias to commit war crimes.


UN: At least 6,878 civilians killed in Iraq in 2016

UN mission in Iraq says the figure does not include casualties from western Anbar for May, July, August and December.

Battle for Mosul

ISIL ramps up fight with weaponised drones

In addition to using drones for reconnaissance in Iraq, ISIL has been sending them out with bombs attached.


Bloody day in Baghdad as attacks kill nearly 60

ISIL claims responsibility for suicide car bombing that kills day labourers in Sadr City, a mainly Shia suburb.

Middle East

France's Hollande in Iraq to review war on ISIL

French president also visits Iraq to salute troops which are taking part in a US-led military coalition against ISIL.


ISIL attacks Iraqi police near Najaf, kills seven

Armed group claimed responsibility for the attack, which also wounded 17 people including civilians.

Middle East

Double bomb attack hits crowded Baghdad market

At least 28 Iraqis killed and dozens wounded as blasts triggered by suicide bombers strike crowd during morning rush.


Nearly 100 journalists killed worldwide in 2016: IFJ

Iraq and Afghanistan deadliest countries for journalists in 2016, IFJ says, as it deplores impunity for killings.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam's death gave birth to Saddams in other guises

A decade after the Iraqi president's execution, a system that results in the daily deaths of Iraqis continues unabated.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi


Iraq resumes Mosul operation after a two-week lull

Iraqi forces launch the "second phase" of the battle to retake eastern Mosul from ISIL.


Iraq's strongmen 10 years after Saddam Hussein

Since the execution of the deposed leader, the country has witnessed the emergence of a number of powerful figures.