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Indonesia: What does Ahok's blasphemy conviction mean?

The governor of Jakarta is sentenced to two years in prison after he questioned a verse from the Quran.

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Ahok: Indonesia's religious tolerance on trial?

Jakarta's governor on Indonesia at a crossroads between a multi-religious state or a nation ruled by Islamic principles.

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Indonesian governor found guilty of blasphemy

Outgoing Governor Basuki 'Ahok' Purnama sentenced to two years in jail over comments he made during political campaign.

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Indonesia to disband hardline group Hizbut Tahrir

Indonesia has announced that it will ban the group Hizbut Tahrir. It says the organisation's ideology calling for an Islamic state is against the constitution.

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Joko Widodo: Islam in Indonesia is moderate

Indonesia's president reflects on his three years in office and discusses claims of religious intolerance.

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200 escape packed Indonesia jail after breaking gate

Police on Sumatra island say they have recaptured 130 prisoners following a jailbreak involving at least 200 inmates.

Indonesia: Manhunt under way after mass jailbreak

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World Press Freedom Day 2017: UNESCO calls for better protection of press

The UN says attacks on journalists are increasing - with one journalist killed on average every four days. Al Jazeera and other media organisations are calling for better protection of journalists.

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Indonesian film honours women's rights activist

Raden Adjeng Kartini, an activist who fought for women's rights in Indonesia more than 100 years ago, is being honoured in a new film. Kartini started to fight for women's education at a time when it was rare for Indonesian girls to go to school.

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'Light' term sought for Jakarta governor on 'blasphemy'

Day after Christian governor lost vote to keep post, prosecutors recommend probation and one-year suspended sentence.

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Christian governor concedes defeat in Jakarta election

Former cabinet minister beats incumbent governor, on trial for blasphemy, after religiously divisive campaign.

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Jakarta's governor 'heading for election defeat'

Quick counts show Purnama, on trial for blasphemy, losing to ex-cabinet minister after religiously divisive campaign.

Jakarta Governor Ahok heading for election loss


Jakarta votes in poll surrounded by religious tension

Election for a new governor pits Christian incumbent accused of blasphemy against Muslim former minister.

Ahok faces Baswedan in Jakarta runoff election

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Marvel Comics fires Muslim artist following controversy

Ardian Syaf defends himself after using Quranic verse and symbols to make political statements, saying he did not spread 'hate message'.

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Indonesia's purple squad rescues abandoned elders

A growing number of elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's disease are being found abandoned in Indonesia.

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Police kill suspected fighters in Indonesia

Gun battle ends in deaths of six suspects in village near Surabaya after failed attempt to shoot officers, police say.

Police kill suspected fighters in East Java