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'Strong labour-market institutions vital to prosperity'

Guy Ryder, ILO director-general, outlines the challenge of ensuring decent work for all at a time of global uncertainty.


Indonesia: We're not losing control to 'radicals'

Violent mass demonstrations have challenged the image of Indonesia as practising a moderate form of Islam.

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Is Indonesia misusing its blasphemy laws?

As the Christian governor of Jakarta goes on trial for insulting Islam, is the case against him politically motivated?


Jakarta governor goes on trial for blasphemy

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, a Christian, denies he had intended to insult the Quran in case that has drawn mass protests.


'We will rebuild': Indonesia president tours quake zone

Joko Widodo distributes cash to injured survivors as number of displaced people swells.


Indonesia earthquake: Rescuers search for survivors

Search for earthquake survivors that was halted at night by rain and blackouts resumed on second day.


Decent work in a rapidly changing world

UN agency emphasises need for growth that is sustainable and job-rich, not just statistically impressive.


Deadly Indonesia quake leaves thousands displaced

Aid organisations assess damage left by earthquake in Indonesia's Aceh province that killed at least 102 people.


Scores dead in Indonesia earthquake, more trapped

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia's Sumatra island has killed at least 97 people and trapped dozens in rubble.


Indonesians rally for unity after blasphemy protests

Crowds gather in Jakarta in response to protests against city's Christian governor who is accused of blasphemy.


Indonesians rally against governor accused of blasphemy

Tens of thousands of Muslims gather in capital demanding Basuki Tjahaja Purnama be jailed for insulting the Quran.


Indonesia says explosives found in suspect's home

Arrested man accused of making explosives in his West Java home more powerful than those used in 2002 Bali bombings.


Indonesian president vows to fight 'radicalism'

Comments come over planned protests by conservative Muslims over blasphemy claims after demonstration drew 100,000.


Islam and politics: Indonesia's identity crisis

The blasphemy charges against Jakarta's governor will put Indonesia's democracy and national identity to the test.

by Dina Afrianty


The Indonesian fire play

Blasphemy case against Jakarta's Christian governor brings fragile beacon of democracy and stability to a dangerous edge.