Hungary to detain refugees in container camps on border

Tough new measure adopted after prime minister said country needed to protect itself from 'terror' threat.


Bus crash in northern Italy kills 16 people

Coach carrying Hungarian students crashed and caught fire near the city of Verona in Italy.


Hungary sentences camerawoman who kicked refugees

Petra Laszlo, who was filmed tripping up Syrian refugee children, is given three years probation for disorderly conduct.

The Listening Post

The murky future of Hungary's private media

We take a look at the bleak picture presented by members of Hungary's private media and the future of press freedom.


Low turnout voids Hungary's anti-migration referendum

Over 98 percent of voters reject EU plans after less than 50 percent turn out for the referendum.

Inside Story

Warding off a refugee threat or challenging Brussels?

Hungarians vote on mandatory migrant quotas set by the European Union.


Muslims in Hungary wary of EU refugee quotas referendum

Right-wing government opposes EU resettlement plan, but rights groups accuse PM Orban of stoking fears and xenophobia.


Hungary should be kicked out of the EU

Raising fences and hiring "border hunters" to reject war refugees goes against the values of the EU.

by Remi Piet


Hungary to build second border fence to stop refugees

Prime Minister confirms plan to add to the 500km razor-wire fence Hungary built on its southern border last year.


Hundreds of refugees march to Serbia-Hungary border

Refugees and migrants mass on the Serbia-Hungary border due to tight border controls introduced in early July.

Humanitarian crises

Refugees in Hungary endure 'fists, kicks and batons'

Human Rights Watch report accuses security forces of beating refugees, a claim rejected by Hungary's government.

Humanitarian crises

Hungary leaves refugees stuck on Serbian border

A growing build-up of refugees on Hungary-Serbia border follows tight border control measures introduced by Hungary.


Hungary schedules vote on EU refugee quotas for October

After border fence and tough laws, referendum is the latest step in PM Orban's fight against EU refugee policies.


Hungary to hold referendum on refugee quotas

Prime minister's office says referendum will be held later this year on quotas for resettlement of refugees.

Human Rights

Finland court rules against sending refugee to Hungary

Top court rules against deportation of Afghan asylum seeker to Hungary in the light of asylum violations in the country.