West Africa 'should decriminalise drugs'

Report by regional commission, including ex-Nigeria president, says current drug policies causing public health crisis.


Guinea-Bissau's rich fish stocks in peril

Foreign trawlers operate illegally and little of their catch is processed locally, hurting local exporters, UN says.


Guinea-Bissau to hold presidential run-off

Jose Mario Vaz and Nuno Gomes Nabiam will compete in second round to become the country's next president on May 18.


Guinea-Bissau votes for new president

West African country goes to the polls for the first time since the 2012 military coup to elect a new president.


Guinea-Bissau holds first election since coup

Thirteen politicians in the running for the top job of president in first elections since military coup in 2012.


Guinea-Bissau to hold first polls since coup

Thirteen politicians running for top job in the first elections since president toppled by military in 2012.


Scientists find aggressive new strain of HIV

Patients infected with new HIV strain develop AIDS over two years faster than those with other versions of the virus.

South 2 North

The art and war of cinema censorship

What must film directors do when freedom of speech and national agendas clash?


Q&A: What does AU suspension mean for Egypt?

The African Union is the first international body to punish Egypt following Morsi's overthrow.


African Union: Continental drift?

Group celebrates its anniversary, but the verdict is still out on whether it is meeting the needs of ordinary Africans.


Cocaine trade 'kingpin' in New York for trial

Ex-navy chief of Guinea-Bissau brought to US to face trial over his alleged role in international cocaine trafficking.

Latin America

Drug traffic fuels addiction in Sierra Leone

As the global narcotics trade expands in West Africa, it leaves a trail of addicts in its wake.


Senegal rebels alienate those they fight for

A long-running movement for the independence of Casamance in southern Senegal is unlikely to succeed.

by Lamin Jahateh