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Bradley Manning's American dream, if only...

Bradley Manning will likely spend the rest of his life in prison for upholding the moral standards of America.

by Mark LeVine


Suicides over Spain's eviction law

Two suicides in Spain over eviction notices have led to calls for eviction law to be eased.


A failed formula for worldwide war

How the empire changed its face, but not its nature.

by Nick Turse


Infographic: Olympic medal count analysis

Countries such as Grenada did not win the most medals in the Olympics, but excelled given their small size and economy.


US run away with it in Daegu

Justin Gatlin wins the men's 100m in South Korea as Americans secure all five sprint titles at World Challenge.


Rachel Maddow and conservatism, the new liberalism

The 'prominent liberal' misses the point that it is not politicians, but the system itself, which is corrupt.

by Charles Davis


Winners and losers: The US Army's top soldier talks victory in Iraq

The US Army's Sergeant Major says the US won the war in Iraq - but makes several awkward caveats.

by Nick Turse


How drone war became the American way of life

US reliance on drones is outsourcing war to things that cannot protest or vote, and to whom there is no "home front".

by Tom Engelhardt


UN climate summit gets 'occupy' warning

S Africa police not to tolerate "criminal acts" as activists demanding "climate justice" gear up for protest in Durban


What will the future remember about America?

US hawks have used the deaths of innocent Americans as justification for foreign intervention.

by Mike Davis


Fabiana Murer launches to world title

Following shock exit of Yelena Isinbayeva, Brazil's Fabiana Murer wins pole vault while Brit Jessica Ennis loses title.


Libyan investments in Caribbean under threat

Leaders of some Caribbean nations are concerned that turmoil 9,500 km away could affect banking and hotels.


Obama's Libyan folly

The NATO led intervention in Libya is hampered by a lack of foresight and clearly defined objectives, scholar argues.

by Richard Falk