101 East

China's African Gold Rush

101 East travels into Ghana's tropical rainforest where 30,000 Chinese miners hunt for gold.


Ghana's opposition leader wins presidential election

President Mahama concedes defeat to former foreign minister Akufo-Addo, who was making his third bid for the top job.


Ghana opposition is 'confident' it has won election

Civil society urges election commission to quickly release results, as ruling party rejects opposition victory claims.


Ghanaian voices on coming presidential elections

As President John Dramani Mahama prepares to face his competition, Ghanaians opine on whether he should be re-elected.


Ghana elections: Vote count begins in tight contest

Elections come at a time of severe economic decline and reports of rising voter intimidation in West African nation.


Ghanaians vote in knife-edge elections

The race is tight with President John Mahama and his rival Nana Akufo Addo running neck and neck in opinion polls.


Fake US embassy in Ghana shut down

The fake embassy operated illegally for a decade issuing visas at a cost of $6,000 each, according to State Department.


Gandhi's statue in Ghana at centre of racism row

Campaigners urge removal of Indian social activist's statue from university, saying he was racist towards black people.


Dumsor: Electricity outages leaving Ghana in the dark

Ghana, which experienced 159 days of blackout last year, is struggling to find viable energy solutions.


Ghana bolsters security amid warnings of attack

President urges public to remain calm after memo leaked to media says country could be targeted by armed groups.


More than 70 people die in Ghana bus crash

Collision between passenger bus and cargo truck underlines West African nation's relatively high rate of road deaths.

Guantanamo Bay

US transfers two Guantanamo detainees to Ghana

Two detainees of Yemeni origin to be resettled in the west African nation after spending years in the notorious prison.

Africa Investigates

Ghana: Cancer Ward

We investigate why breast cancer is such a deadly disease for women in West Africa.

Special series


We follow one man's astounding undercover crusade to expose judicial corruption in Ghana.

Women Make Change

Going Places: Girls' Education in Ghana

In rural Ghana, bursaries and extra training are helping girls stay in secondary school and shape their futures.