US and Russia trade barbs at Munich Security Conference

Top Russian and American officials exchanged barbs at the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany over the US indictment of 13 Russians accused of interfering in the 2016 presidential election.


Germany's Cottbus refusing any more refugees

The city of Cottbus is the latest in a growing number of areas refusing to house any more refugees in Germany.

Arts & Culture

How did Paula Modersohn-Becker affect the art world?

Described as a precursor of German Expressionism, the late painter has had great impact on the art world for decades.

Paula Modersohn-Becker: Why Google honours her today


Germany: parties agree to form coalition government

Germany's two main parties have finally struck a deal to form a coalition, more than four months after the election.


Germany: Merkel in coalition breakthrough with rivals

Germany's top two political parties broker coalition deal, with Merkel set to continue as chancellor for a fourth term.

Germany's top two parties broker 'grand coalition' deal


Life with and without the Berlin Wall

A new exhibition looks at life before and after the Berlin Wall came down.


Is Angela Merkel's era of dominance over?

We debate whether German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to blame for the rise in far-right populism across Europe.


Germany debates allowing refugees to bring relatives

The issue has been a major hurdle in ongoing talks to form a new government.


Volkswagen dieselgate: Outrage over monkey and human tests

German carmakers are scrambling to explain why toxic exhaust tests were performed on monkeys and humans, but it is another public relations disaster with the 'dieselgate' scandal still in the minds of the public.


'Toxic bloc' ministers summoned by EU over air pollution

The European Union has threatened to take top air-polluting members France, Germany, and Britain to court if they fail to heed a final warning to comply with standards for hazardous air pollutants.


Germany: A project to digitise Stasi files abandoned

A multi-million dollar project meant to digitise files of East Germany's secret police, has been abandoned.


German far-right politician becomes Muslim, quits party

Social media users note irony of Wagner converting to Islam after being member of Islamophobic party.

Far-right politician converts to Islam, quits AfD party


Germany's SPD backs coalition talks with Merkel

Fresh elections avoided for now as Social Democrats approve negotiations with Merkel's conservatives by 56 percent.


Germany's SPD votes for coalition talks with Merkel

Germany's Social Democrats have voted to hold formal coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc.


Germany's SPD to vote on coalition talks with Merkel's party

Germany's Social Democratic Party is meeting later on Sunday to decide whether to start formal talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel to form a coalition government.


Germany stops arms to countries fighting in Yemen

Germany will halt all arms exports to countries involved in the ongoing war in Yemen as coalition talks continue.

Germany stops arms exports to Yemen combatants