Germany and USA: Face to face

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump, leaders of major world powers, meet to discuss trade, refugees and global security.


Germany angers Turkey with coup remarks and PKK rally

German spy chief unconvinced US-based religious leader was behind failed coup as PKK backers hold rally in Frankfurt.


G20 fails to agree on free trade endorsement

Trump's anti-globalisation agenda wins against the bloc's decade-old tradition of rejecting protectionism.


Trump and Merkel in 'awkward' first meeting

Two leaders discuss the fight against ISIL, NATO and Ukraine among other topics.

Human Rights

Berliners react to Trump's US-Mexico wall

Those living in the once divided German city reflect on how walls can split families and create prejudices.


Angela Merkel is not the great progressive messiah

Trump's populism needs to be defeated, but pinning all hopes on false saviours like Merkel is not the way to do it.

by Rachel Shabi


Namibia tribes lodge case against Germany over genocide

Lawyers representing indigenous tribes appear in New York court over colonial-era massacre of 100,000 people.

Human Rights

Germany's rejected asylum seekers fear deportation

Fear spreads among rejected Afghan asylum seekers as Germany vows to increase deportations in 2017.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Erdogan to Merkel: 'Why are you hiding terrorists?'

Scathing broadside against German chancellor came hours after EU urged Turkish leader to halt inflammatory rhetoric.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugee's 'voice was not heard' in Facebook case

German court has rejected Anas Modamani's request for Facebook to seek out and remove posts linking him to 'terrorism'.


Seven wounded in axe attack at German train station

One man arrested after what German police say appears to be a random attack at city's main train station.


Germany, Turkey try to ease rising tensions

The Turkish and German foreign ministers have met in Berlin to try to settle souring relations.


Turkey-Germany tensions rise over referendum

Turkey has accused Germany of putting systemic political pressure on Turks living there. The two countries have clashed over Turkey's push to drum up support in Germany for a 'yes' vote in a controversial upcoming referendum.


German court rejects refugee's case against Facebook

Anas Modamani wanted Facebook to stop the spread of a selfie he took with Merkel that made him the target of racists.

Inside Story

What's behind Turkey-Germany row?

Dispute erupts after Germany blocks planned rallies that aimed to drum up support for controversial Turkey referendum.