Bonn: Paris Agreement will go on despite US withdrawal

Many in Bonn are predictably unhappy with President Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement.


World Architecture Festival opens in Berlin

Showcasing the transformative effect that architecture can have on lives and the growth of communities, the WAF has kicked off in Berlin.


UAE remarks on control of mosques in Europe condemned

Minister of state for tolerance told DPA news agency European countries must exert control over mosques.

UAE remarks on control of mosques in Europe condemned


Bonn climate conference: world leaders discuss global warming

At the UN Climate Change Conference 2017 in Bonn, Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have declared their willingness to lead the fight against global warming in the absence of US engagement.

Business & Economy

Ex-industrial hub in Germany banking on tourism

The Ruhr region of Germany was once the nation's industrial hub but has fallen into decline. Now one of its major cities is capitalising on its powerhouse past and hoping that tourism can help recharge its economy.

Climate SOS

COP23: Anti-Trump US delegates back Paris Agreement

American delegates, representing some 50% of the US economy, went to the UN Climate Conference in Germany to voice their support for urgent climate change and to strongly condemn President Donald Trump's environmental policy.


COP23: German coal use under scrutiny at climate talks

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in renewable energy in Germany, but coal, a harmful fossil fuel, still supplies about 40 percent of the country's total energy.


Trump's push for fossil fuels overshadows Bonn climate talks

The world's most powerful nations are due to meet in the German city of Bonn for the annual climate conference, which is meant to be about implementing the Paris climate agreement.


Several wounded in Munich stabbing spree

One suspect arrested after knife attack in southern German city leaves several people injured.

Munich police: Several wounded in stabbing spree


Spain to suspend Catalonia's leaders

PM Rajoy's cabinet moves to suspend Catalonia's separatist government and calls for fresh elections in the region.

Spain to suspend Catalonia's leaders, call elections


Refugee ban in German city 'infringes human rights'

Lower Saxony decree prohibiting resettlement of recognised refugees condemned as an 'infringement of rights'.

Salzgitter ban a 'setback' for refugees in Germany


Germany weighs minister's plan to allow Muslim holidays

Debate simmers over whether to allow Islamic holidays after Thomas De Maiziere endorses idea on campaign trail.

German interior minister floats idea of Muslim holidays

Syrian Refugees

'We are humans': German far right rise worries refugees

Al Jazeera meets refugees concerned by the success of Germany's far-right party, which targets refugees and Muslims.

Rise of far-right AfD party worries refugees


Deadly storm sweeps northern Germany

Seven people killed as a low pressure system tears through the country.

Deadly storm sweeps northern Germany


German innovation exhibition opens in Qatar for first time

Germany has long been known as a powerhouse of industrial design, and famous for Mercedes luxury cars, Siemens high speed trains and other brands.