Gambia: Jammeh offered final chance for peaceful exit

Chief of defence forces pledges allegiance to the new president Adama Barrow as deadlines for Jammeh to cede pass.


Regional forces enter Gambia to back new president

Adama Barrow, winner of December vote, is inaugurated in Dakar but longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh refuses to cede power.


Barrow to take oath abroad, troops set to enter Gambia

Gambia's president-elect to be sworn in at Dakar embassy as incumbent refuses to go despite threat of military action.

The Gambia

Gambia: VP quits as President Jammeh's term ends

Saidy is the highest level official to abandon Jammeh, who refuses to step down despite losing last month's election.


Gambia: Military threat looms as Jammeh clings to power

Thousands of people flee the country and African troops edge towards borders as President Yahya Jammeh's term ends.


Thousands flee The Gambia as crisis deepens

Civilians and tourists leave and regional forces deploy as President Jammeh refuses to cede power despite election loss.


Uncertainty looms as Gambia MPs extend Jammeh's term

Resolution passed by national assembly allows president to stay in power for 90 more days despite losing December vote.


Gambia 'lockdown' as Jammeh declares state of emergency

Political crisis deepens as president refuses to step down following defeat in last month's presidential election.


Gambia: Four ministers resign from Jammeh government

Finance, foreign affairs, trade and the environment ministers quit Jammeh's government as end of his term looms.


'Stakes extremely high' as Gambia crisis deepens

Winner of presidential vote heads to Bamako as last-ditch regional attempts to persuade Yahya Jammeh to step down fail.


AU to stop recognising Gambia's Jammeh as president

African Union says it will not recognise Yahya Jammeh's presidency unless he steps aside when his mandate expires.

Inside Story

Can a showdown be averted in Gambia?

Leaders of neighbouring countries fly in to try and convince the Gambian president to hand over power.


Nigerian MPs back asylum for Gambia's Jammeh

Lower house votes for Nigeria to consider giving asylum to President Jammeh as a way of ending political crisis.


Gambia's Jammeh slams foreign pressure for him to go

President calls Gambians to wait for a Supreme Court ruling to determine the credibility of last month's election.


Uncertainty rises as Gambia's political crisis deepens

Top court unable to rule on president's petition amid doubts over whether a peaceful political transition will happen.