Do not forget about Eston Kohver

The international community must pressure Moscow to release abducted Estonian internal security officer.

by Luke Coffey


NATO's endgame in the Baltics

Does NATO's logic carry to its 'defensive' manoeuvres in the Baltic States?


Afghanistan blast kills several officers

At least four police officers killed and eleven injured in a suicide car bomb in Helmand province.

War & Conflict

Five Yemeni inmates released from Guantanamo

US transfers detainees to Oman and Estonia, at least six years after the Pentagon cleared them for release.


Can Iceland become the 'Switzerland of data'?

Amid government snooping, tiny Nordic nation hopes to brand itself as a safe haven for data privacy around the globe.


Interactive: Countries countering ISIL

Pinpointing military and humanitarian aid from nations in the international struggle against the armed group.


NATO: Back to basics in Eastern Europe

NATO can't be everywhere doing everything, but it must be capable of defending its members' territorial integrity.

by Luke Coffey

War & Conflict

NATO: The alliance that should have been dissolved

NATO backing the Ukrainian military is about as sensible as Russia's support for paramilitary forces

by Ian Klinke


Who is responsible for the MH17 tragedy?

Responsibility for the MH17 tragedy lies with those who fuelled the conflict in Ukraine.

by Leonid Ragozin

Talk to Al Jazeera

Andrei Piontkovsky

A journalist paints a doomsday scenario if Putin leads Russia down its current path.


Ukraine rebels free four OSCE observers

Four out of the eight international observers captured over a month ago released in Donetsk.


Sharapova cruises into third round

Five-time Wimbledon champion beats Chanelle Scheepers in 49 minutes and Ana Ivanovic also through with ease.

US & Canada

Rapists: Is castration a solution?

Rather than knee-jerk reactions, we need a resurgence of solidarity based on the protection of the most vulnerable.

by Hamid Dabashi