Diaspora Eritreans protest regime human rights abuses

Thousands of diaspora Eritreans march in support of UN report that accuses government of crime against humanity.


Ethiopia and Eritrea trade blame over border clashes

Clashes erupt between Ethiopia and Eritrean troops in disputed border region, raising fears of renewed violence.


Doubts over identity of 'smuggler' extradited to Italy

Authorities identify suspect as Medhane Yehdego Mered, but witnesses reportedly say it is a case of mistaken identity.


UN: Eritrea government commits crimes against humanity

UN investigation reports a litany of crimes committed in Eritrea since 1991, including enslavement, rape and murder.


Everyday Eritrea: Resilience in the face of repression

From macchiato in Asmara to Ottoman ruins in Massawa, a glimpse into the essence of Eritrea.

Human Rights

Eritrea: A nation misjudged by a flawed report

Discredited Danish report on Eritrea human rights leaves refugees stranded on European route.


Eritrea releases four Djiboutian prisoners

Relations have been tense since the Horn of Africa nations engaged in a three-day conflict in 2008.

Humanitarian crises

Identifying the refugee victims of the Mediterranean

Forensic experts in Italy are working to identify the bodies of refugees drowned in the sea as they attempted to cross.


Tales from the Jungle: Two refugees share their stories

We follow two residents of the Calais camp as they attempt to make it to the UK and a better future.


Tales of an Eritrean fighter-photographer

Seyoum Tsehaye fought in and photographed Eritrea's war of liberation, but for the past 14 years he has been in prison.


Ethiopia bars Eritrea from African football tournament

CECAFA competition host excludes its neighbour Eritrea from competition over rising political tensions.


For refugees, hope is ever-present in Europe

For the EU, the root causes of why people flee are not addressed. Democratic ideals are sacrificed to keep refugees out.

by Sulaiman Addonia

War & Conflict

Ethiopia says 800 'Eritrea-backed' fighters surrender

Nearly 800 members of little-known TPDM group have fled their base in Eritrea and turned themselves in, government says.

Human Rights

Eritreans fleeing conscription seek refuge in Ethiopia

Eritrea does not have a war or famine, but hundreds cross the border into Ethiopia every day.

Humanitarian crises

Eritrea blames migrant exodus on human trafficking

Foreign ministry calls on UN to bring smugglers to justice, saying rights abuses not behind huge numbers leaving nation.