Help comes to El Salvador's sick sugarcane workers

A small organisation is working to improve the conditions of workers afflicted by a mysterious kidney disease epidemic.

The Cure

El Salvador's sugarcane workers and their silent killer

A small organisation is tackling a deadly epidemic of chronic disease among El Salvador's sugarcane workers.

Panama Papers

El Salvador raids Panama law firm's offices

Documents and equipment seized by authorities in investigation of Mossack Fonseca, firm at centre of data leak scandal.

Latin America

Portrait of a people smuggler

Meet the man who leads Central American migrants through a lethal gauntlet as they attempt to reach the US.


Women in El Salvador advised not to get pregnant

El Salvador government suggests avoiding pregnancy until 2018 to prevent birth defects from mosquito-borne Zika virus.

US & Canada

US NGO researching El Salvador abuses has files stolen

University of Washington's Center for Human Rights is suing the CIA for information on abuses in El Salvador.


A new front-line in the war on terror

El Salvador recently announced gang members can be tried as terrorists. Civil liberties and public safety are at stake.

by Belen Fernandez

Latin America

Gang wars in El Salvador, bloodiest year

Gang violence continues to claim more lives in El Salvador, after the collapse of the truce.

Latin America

Gang violence leaves 14 prisoners dead in El Salvador

Relatives gather outside Quezaltepeque jail demanding information after violence between factions within Barrio 18 gang.


Strengthening El Salvador's rule of law

The failure to tackle corruption and insecurity undermines the ruling party's social programmes.

by Mike Allison

Human Rights

LGBT in El Salvador: Beatings, intolerance, death

In a country with soaring murder rates, the LGBT community is often a target.

Poverty & Development

As murders soar, El Salvador gangs want to talk truce

A year after truce collapses El Salvador gangs seek new path to engage government in another truce process.

El Salvador

A murder an hour: El Salvador's gang violence soars

Officials unwilling to negotiate with gangs, even after country recorded highest homicide figures since civil war.

Latin America

El Salvador's murder rate: a record high

Police say they are coming under attack by gangs that have been bolstered with new weapons.

Latin America

The Salvadoran immigrant who got deported to death

Deported by the US, Giovanni Miranda plunged into a circle of violence that traps countless Central American migrants.