Egypt's Sisi expresses support for Syria's military

Egyptian leader says his priority is to support "national armies", noting a solution must be "political" in Syria.


Egypt court overturns Mohamed Morsi's life sentence

Egypt's Court of Cassation orders retrial in the case for deposed president who had a death sentence overturned earlier.

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How far will Egypt go in attacking media freedoms?

The head of Egyptian Journalists Syndicate and two board members have been sentenced to two years in prison.


The Veil

Why do some women decide to wear the veil, while others opt to keep their hair and faces uncovered?

Middle East

Egypt-Israel relations 'at highest level' in history

On the 39th anniversary of Sadat's speech in Jerusalem, the two countries have never been closer, analysts say.


Egypt hands journalist union head two years in prison

The ruling on against Yahia Kallash, head of the country's press union, and two others comes after a seven-month trial.

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Egypt's Mohamed Morsi has death sentence overturned

Court overturns sentence against Egypt's first democratically elected president and orders a retrial.


Millennia-old mummy found in Egypt tomb

Spanish archaeologists discover mummy at least 2,500 years old in "very good condition" near Luxor in southern Egypt.


Egypt: IMF approves $12bn loan

The loan, to be allocated over the course of three years, is aimed at pulling the country out of an economic crisis.


Egyptian police arrest scores of anti-Sisi protesters

At least 130 people are arrested as rallies erupt across the country against poor economic conditions and rising costs.


Egypt: Saudi Arabia halts fuel shipments indefinitely

Egyptian Oil Ministry announces Saudi Arabia's Aramco cut off much-needed fuel exports with no reason given.

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ISIL gunmen kill Egyptian general in Sinai

Gunmen shoot dead Egyptian army officer outside his home in northern Sinai, the second general killed in two weeks.

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Can Egypt's currency devaluation boost its economy?

As Cairo devalues the pound to meet IMF demand for $12bn loan, many fear it could cause prices of basic goods to soar.


Egypt Central Bank devalues currency by 48 percent

Devaluation of pound meets IMF demand in exchange for $13bn loan over three years to overhaul country's ailing economy.


Egypt: Fears grow for 'disappeared' student Omar Khaled

Omar Khaled, 22, last seen being dragged away from Cairo metro station by suspected security officers in plain clothes.