Florida declares state of emergency over storm Erika

Tropical storm expected to hit US state, Dominican Republic and Haiti, after wreaking havoc across the Caribbean.


Ex-Vatican ambassador dies before his child abuse trial

Autopsy ordered after Vatican's former envoy to Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski, dies of apparent natural causes.


Haitians protest over Dominican Republic deportations

Thousands march in solidarity with undocumented residents of Haitian descent in Dominican Republic who face deportation.

Latin America

Haitians face bleak future in Dominican border camps

Haitian who say they were deported from Dominican Republic now face uncertain future in border camps.


The Honduran meltdown: Made in USA

Six years after the coup in Honduras, it's time for another history lesson.

by Belen Fernandez

Human Rights

Dominican deportation fears keep families on edge

Many unsure if they should await government decision on residency status or cross border to Haiti with their belongings.

Latin America

In Dominican Republic, deportations cast long shadow

Proving legal right to stay here is no easy task for both Dominicans and Haitians born in shacks and lacking documents.

Human Rights

Dominican Republic to deport undocumented Haitians

Hundreds of thousands of people from neighbouring Haiti face deportation from the Dominican Republic under a new law.


Haitians in the Dominican Republic in legal limbo

Tens of thousands of Haitians born in the Dominican Republic are at risk of expulsion.

by Hisham Aidi


US senator Menendez charged with federal corruption

Democratic politician Robert Menendez indicted on charges including conspiracy to commit bribery and wire fraud.

Latin America

Haitian found hanged in Dominican Republic

Police dismiss racial motivation, but observers say anti-Haitian sentiment is on the rise in the Caribbean nation.


Dominican activists call mining ‘new form of colonialism’

Threat of mining pollution at Loma Miranda mountain inspires movement calling for area to be designated a national park.


Is it not time to dismantle the CIA?

A former US president wanted to break up the CIA after it strayed from its mission, engaging in 'strange activities'.

by MJ Rosenberg

US & Canada

Friendship bridge over Dajabon Massacre River

Central American town prospers as a trading hub between Dominican Republic and Haiti despite a haunting past.

US & Canada

Stateless in the Dominican Republic

If international laws mean anything at all, we must condemn this abuse of basic human rights.

by Ediberto Roman