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Pope Francis meets abuse victims at Vatican

Critics say the meeting is exploiting victims and call on Catholic leaders to make details of abuse probes public.

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Thai bus crash leaves dozens dead

At least 30 killed and 22 injured after bus carrying municipal workers plunged off steep road in country's west.


Lockerbie: The 270 victims

A total of 270 people, including young children and students, died in the air and on the ground in the 1988 attack.

Viewfinder Latin America 2014

The Crossing

A look at tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as the peril of one is faced with the success of the other.

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Dominican Republic: Justifying the unjustifiable

The Constitutional Court decision on citizenship rests on prejudice and discriminatory practices.

by Peter Flegel


Haitian migrants risk Dominican deportation

Thousands of descendants face expulsion from adopted homeland following court ruling.


US stops record numbers of illegal migrants

Almost 2,000 caught trying to cross into Puerto Rico by boat - up from five in 2009.


Hurricane Sandy one year on: What have we learned?

Investing in disaster preparedness has saved countless lives, but further investment is necessary.

by Heraldo Munoz


Haitian-Dominicans lose citizenship

Haitian migrant descendants could face deportation as Dominican court revokes citizenship.


Why diplomacy with Iran is doomed

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei is convinced the US' aim is regime change, and with good reason too.

by John Glaser

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Does the Nobel Peace Prize mean anything anymore?

The word 'peace' no longer seems to be an important criteria when judges award the prize.

by Manuel Barcia


Pope recalls envoy over abuse accusations

Vatican ambassador to Dominican Republic relieved of duties ahead of an investigation after TV claims.


Stormy waters lie ahead

The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans will see some major weather systems in the coming days.