Sweden: 80,000 could be expelled after refugee influx

Authorities prepare to deport tens of thousands with failed asylum claims after record 163,000 applications last year.

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Denmark immigration law: A sign of things to come?

Danish MPs pass a controversial law allowing the seizure of assets from refugees.


Ai Weiwei closes Denmark exhibition over refugee laws

Chinese artist protests at controversial Danish legislation, which allows valuables and cash to be seized from refugees.

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Denmark to vote on seizing refugees' money, valuables

The bill is expected to pass as opponents say the seizure of money and valuables is not the most alarming part of it.

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Is Denmark's plan to curb the refugee rights justified?

Long known for its tolerance, Copenhagen looks set to roll out stricter asylum laws.


Danish city makes pork a must to ‘protect food culture'

Politicians in city of Randers say the move is necessary to preserve traditions and is not an attack on Muslims.

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Denmark urged to reject 'cruel' refugee laws

Proposed amendments would have "devastating impact" and risk violating international human rights laws, Amnesty says.

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Refugees look to the sea as Sweden tightens land border

Those wanting to join relatives in Sweden are taking dangerous sea routes into the country from Denmark.


Danish MPs debate plan to seize refugees' valuables

Bill will allow authorities to seize asylum seekers' cash exceeding $1,450, as well as items valued at more than that.


At Copenhagen Central Station: A welcome for refugees

Danish volunteers have been working at the station for months, offering advice and help to returning refugees.


Copenhagen initiative gives bottle collectors 'dignity'

Danish capital introduces garbage bins with shelves to help those who make a living from collecting empties.


Denmark moves to tighten citizenship requirements

Those wanting to become Danes will face stricter conditions in terms of language skills and financial self-reliance.


Thousands take part in pro-refugee rallies in Europe

Saturday's rallies urge solidarity with the huge numbers of refugees entering the continent.

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Denmark advert in Lebanon newspapers warns off refugees

Advertisement warns would-be asylum seekers that social assistance for new arrivals is reduced by up to 50 percent.


Warriors from the North

The chilling and courageous account of a Danish-Somalian boy in Copenhagen who fell victim to al-Shabab recruiters.