Talks 'on track' to reach a solution to Cyprus dispute

Maps on territorial claims are exchanged in Geneva, as UN chief travels there to attend peace talks.

Inside Story

Bid to reunite divided Cyprus?

Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders hold talks to try to resolve a dispute that has frustrated diplomats for decades.


How a ghost town embodies the Cypriot divide

As political negotiations continue, one group is pushing to revitalise the long-abandoned district of Varosha.


Perceptions of a Cypriot ghost town

Study of Greek and Turkish Cypriots reveals stark difference in how they view the deserted district of Varosha.


Cyprus peace talks disrupted by protocol row

President Anastasiades calls off meeting with breakaway Turkish Cypriot leader over dinner invitation at UN summit.

Middle East

EgyptAir hijacker to be extradited to Cairo

Mustafa, who forced diversion of plane from Alexandria to Larnaca, has been described as psychologically unstable.

Middle East

EgyptAir hijacker wanted to 'see wife and children'

The 59-year-old Egyptian, who surrendered after a five-hour standoff, had not "seen his family for 24 years".


EgyptAir hostage reveals onboard hijacking ordeal

Passengers and crew members of hijacked EgyptAir flight reach Cairo from Cyprus, as motive of hijacker remains unclear.


EgyptAir hijacking ends

Hostage drama ends after EgyptAir jet is diverted to Cyprus with man wearing a suicide belt that turned out to be fake.


Egyptians 'wish' they were on hijacked EgyptAir flight

Social media users in Egypt express passenger envy after commandeered domestic flight lands in Cyprus.

Al Jazeera World

The Village That's Dying

The decline of Akincilar seen through the eyes of three Turkish Cypriot residents of different generations.


Resurgent Russia takes on tenacious Turkey

From Ukraine to Syria, Russia is determined to confront and contain the West.

by Richard Giragosian

Talk to Al Jazeera

Mustafa Akinci: 'With my election there is hope'

The new Turkish Cypriot leader explains why he is optimistic that Cypriots will reunite after four decades of division.

War & Conflict

Cyprus leaders resume talks on decades-old dispute

New round of talks follows meeting between leaders of the two sides and UN envoy to the island.


Towards the Federal Republic of Cyprus

The election of a pro-unification leader in Northern Cyprus may pave the way for the tiny island to finally be reunited.

by Cengiz Aktar