Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo revamp raises prospect prison will not shut

Although Obama vowed to close the facility, multimillion dollar renovations including a new dining hall are under way.


Communist Cuba teams up with Google to boost net speed

Agreement signed between Google and Cuba aimed at improving its internet speed - one of the slowest in the world.


A journey through Fidel Castro's Cuba

After the leader's death and before his entombment, a Cuban journalist travelled around the country to gauge the mood.


Remembering Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

Elderly Cubans who lived through the revolution share their memories of Fidel Castro.

The Listening Post

Fidel Castro: Contested legacy, competing narratives

We analyse the competing narratives around Fidel Castro; plus, the UK's new surveillance law, the 'Snoopers' Charter'.

The Listening Post

Remembering Fidel Castro: A contested legacy

We look at the competing media narratives around Castro's legacy - a revolutionary hero to some and a tyrant to others.

Fidel Castro

The Fidel Castro that I knew

What Castro really wanted was to ensure his death would serve as a tool to reignite the revolutionary fervour and commitment to socialism of the early days.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro accorded private funeral

Cuban leader's ashes interred in a private ceremony in the city of Santiago, ending nine days of mourning.


Castro's global legacy

From anti-colonial struggle to healthcare, how did Fidel Castro's Cuba impact the world?

Fidel Castro

Thousands bid farewell to Cuba's Fidel Castro

President Raul Castro pledges to defend the socialist legacy of his brother Fidel Castro, who died last week aged 90.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro's last goal? A football pitch for kids

Cuban leader's final act was to order a football field built for youth in Jaimanitas, where he often stopped to talk.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro's African legacy: Friendship and freedom

Analysis: Cuba's decades-long involvement in Africa has left a disputed and complicated legacy.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro's ashes begin journey across Cuba

Remains of the late Cuban leader will travel more than 800-km, retracing in reverse Castro's revolutionary tour.


Soul of Fidel's revolution lives on in a Santa Clara cafe

A Spanish artist has turned his living room into a museum cafe in a key battleground city of the Cuban revolution.

Fidel Castro

Cuba allies join thousands to honour Castro in Havana

Several world leaders - and thousands of Cubans - gather in Havana to pay final respects to the late Fidel Castro.