Arts & Culture

A night out with London's Sapeurs

From a barbershop to a christening, Congo's diaspora discusses Papa Wemba and the ideology of their fashion movement.


DR Congo police disperse thousands at opposition rally

Thousands of supporters protest at accusations that opposition candidate Moise Katumbi was plotting a coup.

War & Conflict

DR Congo cracks down on 'foreign mercenaries'

Government spokesman says ex-US soldiers and South African mercenaries are linked to opposition leader Moise Katumbi.

War & Conflict

Gunfire rattles Congolese capital after disputed polls

Fighting erupts between troops and assailants on day constitutional court says President Nguesso has won re-election.


Congo President Denis Nguesso extends 32 years in power

Final poll results released amid tight security and a communications blackout, extending leader's 32-year rule.


Congo holds presidential elections under media blackout

Telephone, internet and SMS services shut down for 48 hours for "reasons of security" as Congo heads to the polls.

War & Conflict

UN passes first resolution against abuse by its troops

First-of-its-kind decree comes after UN pressed to tackle rising problem of sexual abuse by peacekeepers.

Human Rights

Congo to probe alleged sex abuse by peacekeeers in CAR

Republic of Congo launches investigation after UN sends troops home following new allegations of sex abuse in CAR.


DRC's opposition pushes for elections in 2016

A new opposition coalition is calling on President Kabila to hold elections that are due this year.

War & Conflict

UN peacekeepers in the DRC no longer trusted to protect

As attacks on civilians continue in North Kivu, many say the UN mission there is doing nothing to help or protect them.


Sunday in Brazzaville

We explore the hip side of Congo-Brazzaville with a style icon, a rap artist, a wrestler, and a radio talk show host.

Climate Change

Climate change threatens Congo's great apes

Researchers fear global warming could ruin the Goualougo Triangle - home to rare gorillas and chimpanzees.


Tracking apes at risk of extinction in Congo

Illegal hunting and logging mainly to blame for sharp decline of chimpanzees and gorillas in Mondika wildlife reserve.


Congo Basin under deforestation threat

World's second largest rainforest risks being destroyed by blazes and illegal logging for palm oil plantations.


Referendum prompts 'civil disobedience' calls in Congo

Opposition coalition says vote on constitution allowing President Denis Sassou Nguesso to run for third term was rigged.