Colombia's Santos to receive Nobel Peace Prize

President to be awarded the prize for his efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end.


Civilians, FARC hold vigil following revised peace deal

After the rejection of the initial treaty, the Colombian government signed a revised peace deal with FARC rebels.

Arts & Culture

Palenquero: The identity behind a language in Colombia

Spoken by residents of a settlement established by runaway slaves, Palenquero is seen as a form of cultural resistance.


Emotional tributes paid to Chapecoense football team

Thousands gathered at Atanasio Girardot Stadium in Medellin to pay tribute to players of the Brazilian football club.

Latin America Investigates

Colombia: Under the Knife

We investigate Colombia's backstreet cosmetic surgery trade and the scams that leave victims scarred for life.


Colombia's parliament approves historic peace deal

FARC accord finally approved after referendum rejection, bringing country one step closer to ending a 50-year-old war.


Colombia plane ran out of fuel, pilot said before crash

Electrical failure and lack of fuel resulted in plane crash, according to recording of pilot's final communication.

Latin America

Footballers among 71 killed in Colombia plane crash

Six survivors taken to hospital after crash of airplane carrying players from Brazil's Chapecoense and journalists.


Who are Brazil's Chapecoense?

A plane carrying the first division Brazilian football club went down in Colombia on its way to Medellin.


Colombia signs revised peace deal with FARC rebels

Government and FARC rebels sign new peace accord but public opinion over new agreement remains deeply divided.


Colombians divided on peace deal with FARC

Wave of alleged assassinations in conflict areas raises pressure on government to sign revised peace accord.


Two suspected FARC fighters killed in Colombia

Army tipped off by local community in Bolivar just days after signing of new peace deal between group and government.


Colombia extends ceasefire with FARC rebels

Truce extended through the end of the year as government seeks to revive a peace deal after a shock referendum defeat.


Thousands rally in Colombia to support FARC peace deal

Thousands of people march in Bogota and elsewhere calling on the government and FARC rebels to save a peace deal.

War & Conflict

Colombia to begin peace talks with ELN rebels

Move comes after deal signed with the FARC rebel group - a pact that was narrowly rejected by voters in a referendum.