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Colombia sacks police officers who shot protesters

4 police officers in Colombia have been sacked in connection with the killing of at least six protesting farm workers.


Colombian authorities to close unique animal refuge

Villa Lorena in Colombia's third city of Cali is a unique animal refuge. For two decades, abused animals seized from drug lords or the circus have been sheltered there. But now environmental authorities say the refuge must close.

Latin America

Colombia suffers divisions despite 2016 Nobel Peace Prize win

The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize award that went to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was seen as a boost to government efforts to strike a deal with left-wing rebels.


Colombia: Fragile peace a year after the referendum

A new mother and former FARC fighter, an ex-FARC commander, a peace worker and senator reflect on 2016 peace accord.

Colombia: Fragile peace a year after FARC referendum


Children of the FARC: Baby Boom in Colombia’s Jungles

Two Colombian guerrilla fighters prepare to give birth for the first time, as their rebel army lays down its arms.

Latin America

Colombia's ELN fighters prepare for ceasefire

Under the truce, set to take effect at midnight, the group will suspend hostage-taking and attacks on infrastructure.

Latin America

Colombia: Surge in cocaine production despite government efforts

As US officials express concern over a record surge in cocaine production in Colombia, the South American country says it has a plan to reduce the farming of coca for good.

Poverty & Development

The displaced and 'forgotten' in Colombia's Soacha slum

The impoverished Colombian city that's home to victims of Colombia's conflict and thousands of Venezuela's migrants.

The displaced and 'forgotten' in Colombia's Soacha slum

Latin America

Families brave generations of Alzheimer's in Colombia

In a Colombian region where Alzheimer's has been passed on for many generations, women carry the burden of care.

Families brave generations of Alzheimer's in Colombia

Latin America

Black-eyed Pope Francis denounces slave trade in Cartagena

Thousands of worshippers in Colombia witnessed the pope getting injured on the final leg of his five-day tour. His message centred on reconciliation and the need to address consequences of inequality.

Latin America

Colombia: FARC leader asks Pope Francis for forgiveness

Pope Francis has held an open air mass in Colombia for thousands of war victims and former fighters. The leader of FARC, a former rebel group, asked the Roman Catholic leader for forgiveness for any pain caused during five decades of conflict.

Latin America

For some Colombians, Pope's visit highlights political divisions

Pope Francis is on a six-day tour of Colombia. His third stop is the city of Medellin, where much of the opposition to the peace process is focused. There, the pope plans to give his message of reconciliation in a deeply divided country.

Latin America

Pope Francis urges Colombia to stick to peace after FARC deal

Pope Francis has celebrated mass in front of tens of thousands of Colombians, urging the country to put behind it the recently ended conflict between the government and the former rebel group FARC.

Latin America

Pope Francis arrives in Colombia to promote peace

Pope to encourage reconciliation as Colombia prepares to receive 7,000 former FARC fighters into society to repair divisions.

Latin America

Pope's Colombia visit underscores role of Catholic Church

Pope Francis will be visiting Colombia during a five-day tour that many hope will help consolidate the war-torn country.