Coal mine explosion in northern China kills 17

Ten miners still trapped after the blast in China's Inner Mongolia region, second deadly mine disaster in days.

Donald Trump

Trump speaks to Taiwan's leader, angering China

President-elect speaks with Taiwan' leader in a break from the US' "one China" policy triggering protest from Beijing.

101 East

China's Left-Behind Generation

Millions of China's children are growing up without their parents. We look at the struggles of a generation left behind.

Nuclear weapons

North Korea pledges 'tough' response to UN sanctions

Foreign ministry notes UN Security Council member states have conducted thousands of nuclear tests and rocket launches.

Nuclear weapons

UN slaps North Korea with toughest-ever sanctions

New sanctions resolution passed by a 15-0 vote after three months of tough negotiations between the US and China.

Counting the Cost

China: The world's new champion of free trade?

We look at what it means for developing countries when the US decides to take a protectionist stance.


China orders Xinjiang residents to hand in passports

Order targets region with 10 million-strong Muslim Uighur minority, who frequently complain of religious discrimination.


China power-plant accident kills at least 67

Cooling-tower platform's collapse in Fengcheng, in Jiangxi province, is the latest industrial accident to hit country.


Chinese rights activist Jiang Tianyong missing

Jian, who had been lobbying on behalf of China's rights lawyers, has not been heard from since Monday.

Inside Story

Will China lift its ban on Facebook?

Facebook is reportedly building a censorship tool that will allow it to re-enter the lucrative Chinese market.


Oathgate will hurt Hong Kong democracy

The oath crisis has given Beijing an opportunity to toughen its grip over Hong Kong.

by Yuen Chan


Hong Kong court upholds pro-independence MP bans

Two pro-independence MPs were disqualified from taking office after their oaths of allegiance were deemed invalid.


China's Xi rings Trump to discuss future relations

President Xi Jinping highlights importance of ties with the US in a phone call with incoming leader Donald Trump.


Journey of a rhino horn

Al Jazeera investigates the illegal trade of rhino horn from the hands of poachers in South Africa to consumers in Asia.

Business & Economy

Pakistan and China cement ties with $46bn project

China invest $46bn in CPEC project, hoping link to Gwadar port will lead to easier trade with Middle East and Africa.