Asia Pacific

Singles Day shopping spree smashes record in China

The world's biggest online shopping spree Singles Day has opened in China and it's already breaking records.


China puts on a lavish ceremony for Donald Trump

China put on a lavish welcoming ceremony for the US president, followed by hours of talks and a press conference filled with compliments.

Fog keeps Trump from DMZ between Koreas

North Korea

North Korea, trade top Trump's agenda in China

Despite Donald Trump's love of walls, his visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping is not expected to include a tour of the Great Wall, instead focusing on North Korea and US-China trade deals.


Trump in China for trade and North Korea talks

Beijing seen as Pyongyang's closest ally and most important trade partner, but how much influence does it really have?

Donald Trump to talk trade and N Korea on China visit

Inside Story

What can Trump offer Asia?

The US president is in Asia, where one country dominates talks: North Korea.


China criminalises disrespecting national anthem

Law adopted by parliament raises fear it could be used to undermine freedom of speech in Hong Kong and Macau.

China: Booing national anthem a criminal offence


China's silk embroidery culture gets a makeover

Silk embroidery is an ancient craft in China and a staple of its national culture.

Donald Trump

Trump in Asia: Conundrum over N Korea's nuclear threat

Alarms raised globally over both Kim and Trump's unpredictability - and relative inexperience on the world stage.

Trump in Asia: Conundrum over N Korea's nuclear threat

Arts & Culture

Hong Kong adapts to sustainable fashion

The fashion industry in Hong Kong is trying to cut a more sustainable dash by reducing waste.


China's new leadership team revealed as Xi tightens grip on power

Li Keqiang, China's premier, was the only one to retain his post in the seven-man line-up of China's new top decision-makers.

Xi Jinping

From Mao to Xi: China's powerful leaders

China's ruling party votes to enshrine president's name and ideas into its constitution.

China: Xi Jinping cements status as leader

Human Rights

'Deep concerns' over Hong Kong bookseller's whereabouts

Gui Minhai was reportedly released after two years in Chinese jail, but her daughter says his whereabouts are unknown.

Concerns raised over Gui Minhai's whereabouts