Science & Technology

China launches first cargo spacecraft

The Tianzhou-1 spacecraft successfully enters orbit taking the country a step closer to building its own space station.

Asia Pacific

English e-learning booming in China

Parents in China are eager for their children to learn English, which has increased the popularity of e-learning.


China's abandoned daughters search for their parents

The stories of three women who were abandoned by their parents during China's one-child policy.


Will China intervene in North Korea?

If China intervenes in North Korea, it would not to be to save Kim Jong-un.

by Salvatore Babones


Saving China's pandas

Are pandas destined to survive only in captivity?

South Korea

North Korea and mounting tensions: The view from Seoul

In South Korea, many ask whether the US could launch military action against the North without first consulting Seoul.

United States

China: Military force won't halt North Korea threat

US put North Korea on notice it won't tolerate any provocation, while Pyongyang threatened a nuclear strike in response.


United apologises for violent removal of passenger

Airline practice of overbooking flights in focus after video of man dragged off plane goes viral.

Asia Pacific

China faces US pressure to isolate North Korea

The US wants China to punish North Korea by cutting all economic ties for its continuing missile tests.


Mercedes driver Hamilton wins Chinese GP

Hamilton leads from pole to claim his fifth win in Shanghai, his first of the new season.


When Xi Jinping met Donald Trump

The China-US summit defied expectations and was a sober and affable diplomatic icebreaker.

by Richard Javad Heydarian

Counting the Cost

Robots: Job terminators or simply misunderstood?

We examine the role of robots in the workplace of the future.

US & Canada

Trump, Xi end summit with 'tremendous' progress

Chinese leader speaks in positive terms as US president says 'lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away'.

101 East

Saving China's Pandas

Does China want to see pandas live free in the wild or breed them as cute, valuable national symbols?

Reporter's Notebook

Trump's meeting with Xi: What to watch

North Korea and trade will be high on the agenda, but observers in Beijing will no doubt also be watching body language.