Asia Pacific

US will honour 'One China' policy, Trump tells Xi

US president reaffirms Washington's position recognising China's sovereignty over Taiwan, in a move welcomed by Beijing.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump wants 'constructive' ties with China

Uncertainty has prevailed after Trump accused Beijing of unfair trade practices and criticised China's military buildup.


How has the end of its one-child policy affected China?

Birth rates have increased but will it be enough to stop a demographic disaster and do Chinese women want more children?

United States

A Chinese American lesson for Trump

For Chinese Americans, the Muslim ban is a reminder of decades of discrimination under the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Arts & Culture

Year of the Rooster: Millions welcome Chinese New Year

China's main annual holiday attracts crowds at home and abroad in celebration marked by fireworks and lamps.

Donald Trump

Fake Trump tweets filling up Chinese social media

Netizens have created over a million fake tweets in English and Chinese mocking the 45th US president.

Business & Economy

What's next after the US withdrawal from the TPP?

The Pacific countries will continue negotiating regional economic arrangements without the US.

by John Edwards

Business & Economy

'Potential for China to join TPP after US exit

Australian PM opens door to Beijing amid efforts to recast Trans-Pacific Partnership without the United States.

US & Canada

Trump's greatest deal

Trump wants a weaker dollar. China wants a stronger yuan. Will they make a deal?

by Salvatore Babones

US & Canada

Trouble for Trump: Iran, North Korea, Palestine, China

Experts weigh in on four foreign policy areas where Trump's administration might run into trouble.

by Al Jazeera Round Table

Business & Economy

China's economy grows but 2016 weakest in three decades

World's second-largest economy expanded by 6.8 percent from a year earlier in the three months ending in December.

Inside Story

Will the new 'Silk Road' be a success?

A freight train arrived at Barking Station in east London, UK, on Wednesday after a 12,000km journey from China.

People & Power

Hong Kong's Localist Revolutionaries

Why a new group of radical activists in Hong Kong are calling for greater autonomy - and even independence - from China.

Business & Economy

China's Xi defends globalisation in speech at Davos

Bumpy run-up to Trump inauguration gives Chinese leader convenient opportunity to claim assertive role on world stage.


Search for MH370 suspended after almost three years

Australia, China, Malaysia say unable to solve one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history.