Russia: 20 ISIL-linked rebel leaders killed in 2015

Security service chief says 156 fighters also 'neutralised' in North Caucasus as analysts question report's veracity.

Human Rights

Chechnya's hard-line protector of Muslim rights

While targeting 'terrorists and junkies', Kremlin-backed strongman Kadyrov flaunts the law to safeguard moderate Islam.

Human Rights

Chechnya: The reality behind appearances

Chechnya's reality of fear and abuse will keep eroding the facade Ramzan Kadyrov has created.

by Anton Ryzhov


Chechnya: War Without Trace

A unique look at Chechnya's remarkable transformation and the terror that exists behind its gleaming facade.

People & Power

In the court of the Chechen king

We investigate the story of president Ramzan Kadyrov - autocratic gangster or politician?