Cambodia: New snack aims to prevent child malnutrition

Children in Cambodia are being given a new healthy snack aimed at curbing malnutrition and early signs appear promising.


Life at the world's most threatened lake

Environmental damage and climate change are threatening the lake which is often described as Cambodia's "beating heart".


Cambodia: Thousands march in funeral of slain activist

Thousands march in funeral of slain activist, whose fatal midday shooting raised suspicion of political conspiracy.

Human Rights

Leading anti-government critic shot dead in Cambodia

Killing comes as opposition accuses Prime Minister Hun Sen's government of launching a fresh crackdown against them.


New report exposes Cambodian PM's vast family wealth

Hun Sen's relatives control stakes in companies valued at more than $200m, many connected to international brands.


After Nepal, Indian surrogacy clinics move to Cambodia

As India bans foreign surrogacy, clinics look towards Cambodia, but what will it mean for the rights of surrogates?


Cambodian women carry heavy load on construction sites

Cambodia's construction boom has attracted a female workforce, who earn less than men and carry an additional burden.


Outsourcing refugees: 'How will I survive' in Cambodia?

Why Australia's controversial refugee resettlement deal with one of the world's poorest countries is 'a failure'.

101 East

Cambodia, My New Home

We follow refugees who hoped to live in Australia as they are resettled in Cambodia in a controversial transfer deal.


Cambodia's illegal healers say they serve the poor

Unqualified medics were outlawed after one infected villagers with HIV, but many cannot afford any other treatment.

Poverty & Development

In Cambodia, workers' rights for women slow to come

Female garment workers in Cambodia continue to face low wages, long hours and sexual harassment.

101 East

Cambodia: Unlicensed to Heal

101 East investigates Cambodia's healthcare system and asks if unlicensed village medics are the best hope for the sick.

Arts & Culture

N Korea's multimillion-dollar museum in Cambodia

North Korea hopes to reap large profits from its new Angkor Panorama Museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Human Rights

ASEAN legitimises human rights violators: Protesters

Protesters say human rights have been swept aside as leaders gather in California for Southeast Asian Nations meeting.