Burundi moves to quit the International Criminal Court

Lower house of parliament passes draft law to exit ICC after UN launches probe into alleged human rights abuses.

The Listening Post

Burundi's media vacuum

How is Burundi's media crackdown adding to an already volatile situation that threatens another civil war?


'Gross human rights violations' taking place in Burundi

UN probe team draws up lists of suspects behind alleged human rights violations amounting to crimes against humanity.


Burundi officers flee country over fears of repression

Deserters feared repression over their ethnicity and perceived support of the opposition amid political unrest.


Reintegrating child soldiers in Burundi

Can children forced to fight be reintegrated back into their families and communities?

War & Conflict

Burundi rejects UN police deployment amid violence

Burundi insists its security forces are in control, while recent waves of violence leave more than 500 dead.


Protests in Burundi after UN decides to send police

Hundreds march in Bujumbura to protest against Security Council decision to send up to 228 police officers to Burundi.


UN agrees to send police force to Burundi

Security Council authorises deployment of a small contingent to monitor and report as the security situation worsens.


Rwandan FM: Rwanda is not 'destabilising' Burundi

Louise Mushikiwabo denies allegations that the government provided military training to Burundian refugees.

Human Rights

Rwanda foreign minister rejects claims of rights abuse

Denying that government is intolerant of criticism, Louise Mushikiwabo says Rwanda "has its own way of doing things".


Teens arrested for defacing Burundi president photo

At least two people are shot and injured in protest over arrests of 11 schoolchildren for "insulting" Pierre Nkurunziza.

Inside Story

Can talks lead to peace in Burundi?

After a year of violence in Burundi, talks are under way in Tanzania to find a solution to the political crisis.


Rwanda expels over 1,500 Burundians as relations fray

Rwanda claims the expulsions were part of crackdowns on those living illegally in the country.

War & Conflict

Burundi's Nkurunziza condemns killing of army general

President Pierre Nkurunziza says killing of top general was shameful and that attackers will be hunted down.

Human Rights

ICC to investigate Burundi political violence

UN estimate says at least 430 people killed in the past year after President Nkurinziza launched election campaign.