Cancer patients face 'delays' in cash-strapped Rio hospitals

Delegates at a world summit on tackling cancer are talking about ways to increase access to treatment. While people in remote and regional areas may struggle to access services, there is a growing trend of people in major urban areas missing out too.

Latin America

Brazil's president survives corruption charges vote

Opposition lawmakers could not secure enough votes to suspend the president and bring him to trial.

Brazil's Michel Temer survives corruption charges vote

Latin America

Brazil busts massive paedophile ring

Brazilian police say they have busted a major paedophile ring, arresting at least 108 people.


Why is there talk of banning funk music in Brazil?

The persecution of black music in Brazil continues.

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

by Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

Latin America

Brazil's Amazon tribes in danger of extinction

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is home to the largest number of non-contacted and recently-contacted indigenous tribes in the world.

Latin America

Brazil probes 'Amazon massacres' by illegal miners

Authorities in Brazil are investigating the reported massacre of up to 10 members of an isolated Amazonian tribe. It is believed that the indigenous people were killed by gold miners, who reportedly bragged about the attack afterwards.

Latin America

Brazil army shuts down largest favela in Rio de Janeiro

Drug violence has led Brazil's government to shut down roads and close schools in the country's largest favela. Even the army has been called to intervene.

Latin America

New corruption charges filed against Brazil's Temer

President rejects accusation of taking bribes in return for favours and of conspiring to buy silence of a witness.

Brazil's Michel Temer faces new corruption charges


Brazil: Indigenous groups condemn alleged massacre

Reported killings of 10 'uncontacted' people in the Amazon by illegal gold miners under investigation by authorities.

Brazil: Indigenous groups condemn alleged massacre

The Listening Post

Brazil: Media, monopolies and political manipulations

An in-depth look at the last two years of political turmoil and media power play in Brazil.


Brazil charges former presidents in corruption probe

Two former presidents among eight Workers Party members accused of cartel formation, corruption and money laundering.

Rousseff, Lula charged in Petrobas corruption probe

Inside Story

What influence do BRICS nations have?

China's president calls for a more 'just' world order at the conclusion of the ninth BRICS summit.

Latin America

Brazil police raid home of Olympic committee chief

Police conduct 11 raids across Rio as part of an investigation into a suspected vote-buying scheme for 2016 Games.

Brazil police raid home of Olympic committee chief

Counting the Cost

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the US oil industry

As hurricane Harvey strikes the heart of the US oil and gas industry, we examine the potential global repercussions.

Latin America

Brazil suspends Amazon reserve plan, but threats remain

Environmentalists warn suspension of decree allowing commercial mining in Renca reserve might only be a temporary block.

Brazil suspends Amazon reserve plan, but threats remain

Latin America

Brazil court suspends mining on Amazon reserve

Federal court halts decree signed by President Temer allowing the Renca reserve to be scrapped for commercial use.

Brazil court suspends mining on Amazon's Renca reserve