Latin America

Brazil meat exports plunge after corruption scandal

Brazilian meat exports have dropped from more than $60m a day to a mere $74,000. This follows a corruption scandal that has undermined trust in food controls and prompted other countries to pull Brazilian beef and chicken from supermarket shelves.

Latin America

Anger in Brazil over plan to raise retirement age

There have been protests across Brazil against the government's plan to raise the retirement age to 65. Brazil has an ageing population and a generous pension scheme that the government says it can no longer afford.

Latin America

Brazil canals to bring relief to drought-hit regions

Brazil is hoping that a $3bn water project will quench the thirst of regions hit by drought. Two canals are diverting water from South America's fourth-longest river to reservoirs and lakes in the northeast.

Latin America

Sao Francisco river project to ease Brazilian drought

Brazilians in the country's northeast are battling a five-year drought that has dried up river basins and killed crops and cattle in record numbers.


Is populism really retreating in Latin America?

Latin America's recent rightward spiral should not be seen as the end of the populist era in the region.

by Dawisson Belem Lopes

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's presidential diplomacy deal?

Trump is treating the US as a business venture and replacing the 'art of diplomacy' with the 'art of the deal'.

by Sean W Burges

Business & Economy

The Brazilian hangover: When the party ends

It is unlikely that Brazil will be able to pursue a prominent role in the international arena before 2019.

by Ramon Blanco

People & Power

Brazil's River of Mud

We investigate the events leading up to the Fundao dam disaster. Is enough being done to avoid future recurrences?

Latin America

Brazil police return to work after murder wave

More than 1,000 officers return to work in Espirito Santo state after 144 people are killed during eight-day strike.

Human Rights

Brazil state's police reject accord to end strike

Espirito Santo's police union had agreed to end walkout before refusing to return to work as unrest claims more lives.

Human Rights

Brazil to deploy military in violence-hit state

More troops and vehicles to be sent to Espirito Santo following deaths of over 100 people during week of police strike.


Brazil state faces deadly chaos amid police strike

Scores dead amid wave of violence since strike began five days ago, spurring calls for more troops in Espirito Santo.


Brazil yellow fever 'kills hundreds of monkeys'

Dozens of humans and over 600 monkeys reportedly dead in rainforest region amid country's worst outbreak in decades.


Clashes grip Brazil prison where 26 killed

Riots between gangs at the Alcacuz Penitentiary followed a series of deadly bursts of violence in Brazilian prisons.

Latin America

Dozens killed and wounded in new Brazil prison riot

President Michel Temer says he is following developments after fresh outbreak of violence at overcrowded facility.

Latin America

Brazil: Residents live in fear after prison breaks

About 100 inmates remain on the run after violent jail breaks triggered by gang rivalry in northern Brazil.