Slobodan Milosevic is no hero

Efforts to deny indisputable atrocities are more than fading remnants of discredited regimes.

by Serge Brammertz


Ibrahim Delic: Bosnian accused of aiding ISIL in Syria

The 45-year-old denies the charges and says he went to Syria to deliver lectures, urging people to defend themselves.


Meeting Mohamed: The children's war report reading club

After reading about the war in Bosnia, the children wanted to travel there. They just needed my help, they explained.

War & Conflict

Dancing with Arab mujahedeen in the hills of Bosnia

Over strong Arabic coffee, journalist Yehia Ghanem learned of the motivations of foreign fighters in the Bosnian war.

War & Conflict

The Chetnik priest: 'I'm still in a mood to kill'

Orthodox priest Vojislav Carkic was in the infamous Chetnik division of the Serbian army during the Bosnian war.


The trials of former Bosnia war fighter Abu Hamza

Why is Abu Hamza labelled national security threat despite lack of evidence by Bosnian state authorities and media?


The Radovan Karadzic verdict will change nothing

In Bosnia, we are as far away from reconciliation as we were before the Radovan Karadzic trial.

by Nidzara Ahmetasevic


Karadzic guilty of genocide

UN judges rule Karadzic is guilty of genocide for the Srebrenica massacre and crimes against humanity in Bosnian war.


UN verdicts for Radovan Karadzic

Former Bosnian Serb leader acquitted on one genocide count as verdicts continue to be read at the court in The Hague.

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Does Europe judge Radovan Karadzic or itself?

Let us again repeat, "never again", with the hope and prayers that this time it will truly be never again.

by Mirnes Kovac


Karadzic: 'No reasonable court will convict me'

Former Bosnian Serb leader speaks out ahead of UN tribunal verdicts on Thursday in genocide and war crimes trial.

Human Rights

Hijab-wearing women react to Bosnia court ban

Women employed in judicial institutions can no longer wear the hijab to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

War & Conflict

ISIL recruits in the Balkans

What is making people from the Balkan Peninsula head to Syria and Iraq to join ISIL?


Srebrenica men escape Serb forces during Bosnia war

Elvir Hafizovic was 16 when he fled Srebrenica under the cover of darkness. He would spend the next 78 days in hiding.


New mass grave discovered in Srebrenica

Satellite imagery helps Bosnia prosecution office locate grave near the village of Kozluk as Dayton Accords marked.