Business & Economy

Kenya tourism tanks amid increasing violence

Attacks on tourists have contributed to a steep decline in tourism in Kenya.


Cricket brings cheer to Nepal

Battling power cuts, underfunding and unrest, Nepal's young team makes impressive debut in Bangladesh tournament.


A history of aviation mysteries

Flight MH370 is not the first aircraft to vanish. It has happened before. Some are recovered, others never seen again.


Jubilant Nepal secure World T20 berth

Nepal joins Afghanistan and Ireland to become the third team to qualify for the World Twenty20 finals.

Business & Economy

UK sights set on world's tax havens

PM Cameron vows to fight offshore finance, despite Britain's starring role.

Counting the Cost

Bangladesh: The cost of fashion

Is there any prospect of a properly regulated garments industry in the country, and what would it mean for the market?

Science & Technology

Google grilled over alleged UK tax avoidance

US tech giant comes under fire by UK officials accusing it of misleading parliament about taxable presence in country.

Inside Story Americas

The US tax trick

As big corporations legally avoid billions of dollars in tax every year, we ask if it is time to claw this money back.


Asian economy picks up sailing tab

With financial crisis threatening future of sailing in Europe, a Malaysian businessman has helped boost the sport.

Inside Story Americas

How can tax avoidance be stopped?

As top tech firms legally avoid paying trillions in tax dollars we examine how such practices could be eliminated.


Profile: Silvio Berlusconi

Italy's "self-made" man dominated the country's politics for nearly two decades.


Ecological crisis and the need to challenge the 20 per cent

The US, home to less than 5 per cent of the world's population, uses almost a quarter of the world's fossil fuel.

by Joseph Nevins


Hurricane season reveals economic perils of ignoring climate predictions

Warming surface waters are increasing tropical cyclone intensity, so why are we being so irresponsible?

by Anna M Clark