Chad claims killing hundreds of Boko Haram fighters

Army says it killed 207 fighters near Nigerian town close to the border with Cameroon.

Business & Economy

Africa's oil shock

The economic transformation of African countries and the falling price of oil.

by Zainab Usman

Talk to Al Jazeera

Angelique Kidjo: 'Africa isn't just diseases'

The Grammy-winning singer talks about Ebola, terrorism and challenging negative media perceptions about Africa.

Business & Economy

Nigeria wants return of looted treasure

Government preparing request for the return of ancient artefacts taken by Europeans.


Ghana's successful but unpopular healthcare

Hailed as a model for countries trying to build their health systems, scheme is still shunned by millions.


Ugandan troops kill CAR rebels 'in error'

At least 15 Seleka members killed after being mistaken for LRA fighters inside the Central African Republic, police say.

Arts & Culture

War on polio: A call to African mothers

Singer and activist Angelique Kidjo calls on African mothers to help eradicate polio.

by Angelique Kidjo


Protesters demand CAR government resigns

Police fire shots to disperse thousands demanding resignation of interim government and removal of foreign troops.

Inside Story

Boko Haram: dialogue or defeat?

African leaders agree to join forces and declare war on the armed group in Nigeria.


Violent aftermath of CAR president's exit

Thirteen killed in violent clashes since President Michel Djotodia resigned at a peace summit in Chad on January 11.


Looting and violence ravage CAR

Thirteen people killed in clashes after President Michel Djotodia's decision to step down two days ago.


CAR ex-leader heads for exile in Benin

Michel Djotodia, who seized power backed by rebels last March, resigned under pressure from regional leaders.


Nigeria's water-starved 'Venice of Africa'

Disease thrives amid drinking water shortage in Lagos' 200-year-old Makoko slum.


Poor bear brunt of extreme weather

A report suggests that the failure to address natural disasters could undermine attempts to end global poverty.


Scores dead in Nigeria as river boat sinks

Rescue teams searching for bodies after vessel with estimated 150 passengers travelling on Niger River capsizes.