Stormy waters lie ahead

The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans will see some major weather systems in the coming days.

US & Canada

Guatemala's ex-president extradited to US

Alfonso Portillo describes extradition to the US, where he will face money-laundering charges, as a "kidnapping".

US & Canada

Deported McAfee arrives back in US

Software tycoon fled to Guatemala from Belize after being named as a "person of interest" in murder of a neighbour.

US & Canada

McAfee hospitalised after being denied asylum

Fugitive software pioneer, detained in Guatemala over a Belize murder case, claims to have suffered chest pains.

US & Canada

Tech pioneer McAfee arrested in Guatemala

Fugitive software guru John McAfee, on the run from police over a Belize murder case, arrested after seeking asylum.

US & Canada

Software guru to seek asylum in Guatemala

John McAfee crosses into Guatemala after evading police in neighbouring Belize for weeks in connection with murder.


Latin American states seek 'drug war' review

Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica leaders call for study of impact of vote by two US states to legalise marijuana.

US & Canada

Washington puts its money on proxy war

The US has been training, advising and conducting joint exercises all over the world with "proxy war on its mind".

by Nick Turse

Humanitarian crises

Ernesto picks up the pace

After a lull in the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, there are signs of activity picking up.


Banned in Belize

Will Belize's fishing ban encourage other countries to take bolder steps towards protecting their marine environments?


Algae-Fuelled Energy & Sustainable Fishing in Belize

Turning algae into oil; banning destructive fishing in Belize; and the first solar-powered vessel to circle the globe.


Protecting Kenya's elephants & eco-toilets in Haiti

earthrise returns with bees in Kenya's human-elephant conflict, diving for hardwood in Belize and Haiti's eco-toilets.


Belize's Hidden Treasure

Hardwood logs lying submerged on a riverbed for 200 years could prove invaluable to preserving Belize's rainforests.