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US resettlement for refugees in Australian prison camps

Dozens of refugees who spent years in Australian prison camps are finally being resettled in the United States. However, around 2,000 of them will be left behind while government leaders decide their fate.

Asia Pacific

Meet the man keeping traditional art of cricket bat-making alive

There was a time when all cricket bats were handmade by highly skilled master craftsmen. Machines and mass production now dominate the process. But an Australian company is still making them the old way, and they have some high-profile clients.

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Statues controversy spread from US to Australia

The furore over the tearing down of Confederate monuments in the United States has triggered a debate about whether something similar should happen in Australia.

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Australia to cut benefits for asylum seekers

The Australian government has told asylum seekers that it intends to cut housing and support benefits in a bid to get them to leave the country.


Artificial intelligence experts demand ban on AI weapons

An international consortium of experts are campaigning for a ban on AI weapons.


Anti-Muslim Australia politician attempts 'burqa stunt'

Far-right politician Pauline Henson wore face veil in parliament as part of campaign to ban the Islamic face veil.

Anti-Muslim Australian politician attempts burqa stunt

Reporter's Notebook

Why Australia's detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island are still open

Oscar-winning filmmaker Eva Orner on documenting life inside Nauru and Manus and the effects of Australia's harsh immigration detention policies.


Chasing Asylum: Australia's Offshore Detention Centres

Life in Australia's detention camps on Nauru and Manus Island through the eyes of asylum seekers and whistleblowers.

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Australians 'think' they found flight MH370's crash location

Australian space agency officials "think" they have pinpointed the area where Malaysia Airlines flight 370 crashed in the Indian Ocean.

Asia Pacific

Australia deputy PM's job at risk over dual citizenship

Barnaby Joyce's New Zealand citizenship could force him out of job and cost coalition government its majority of one.

Australia deputy PM's job at risk over dual citizenship


Two skiers narrowly avoid avalanche in Australia

Thick snow and strong winds lead to unstable conditions on mountain slopes in southeast Australia.

Two skiers narrowly avoid avalanche in Australia

Asia Pacific

Australia: Miners discuss how global events affect the industry

Some of the leading players in global mining have gathered in Western Australia to consider the challenges facing their industry, including how world events might affect prices.

Asia Pacific

'Absolute tragedy': Iran refugee dies on Manus Island

Rights groups decry death of 31-year-old Hamed Shamshiripour, who was found hanging by a tree, as an 'absolute tragedy'.

Refugee Hamed Shamshiripour found dead on Manus Island

Asia Pacific

Australia hosts commodity conference as prices fall

More than 2,000 people are meeting in a remote town in Australia for one of the world's biggest mining conferences.

Asia Pacific

Australia police: Men tried to get bomb on Sydney plane

The men attempted to place a bomb on an Etihad flight out of Sydney last month in a plot directed by ISIL, say police.

Australian police charge two men over plane bomb plot

US & Canada

Transcript leaks: 'Rare insight into Trump's diplomacy'

Leaked transcripts of January phone calls reveal rare insights into the US president's style of diplomacy.

Trump spoke bluntly with leaders of Mexico, Australia