Donald Trump

Trump rips into Turnbull

US president calls refugee deal with Australia 'dumb' after report leaked of harsh call with Prime Minister Turnbull.


Australia Day protesters commemorate 'Invasion Day'

Indigenous Australians protest against the national holiday, which they say marks their dispossession and subjugation.

Business & Economy

What's next after the US withdrawal from the TPP?

The Pacific countries will continue negotiating regional economic arrangements without the US.

by John Edwards


Darwin's wettest day in five years

Australia's Top End gets its heaviest monsoon wetting in years.

Business & Economy

'Potential for China to join TPP after US exit

Australian PM opens door to Beijing amid efforts to recast Trans-Pacific Partnership without the United States.


The TPP controversy explained

The TPP is a controversial trade deal by Pacific countries. Here is what supporters and opponents think of it.


Women's March on Washington kicks off Down Under

Australia and New Zealand first to hold rallies as part of a global movement reacting to Donald Trump's inauguration.


Three dead as car ploughs into pedestrians in Australia

Incident treated not as 'terrorism' but a 'mass casualty event' with hospitals put on 'Code Red' to accept the injured.


Search for MH370 suspended after almost three years

Australia, China, Malaysia say unable to solve one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history.

Asia Pacific

Hot weather eases for eastern Australia

Storms break the heat across eastern Australia as floods hit Queensland and New South Wales.


Australian health minister probed in property scandal

Susan Ley insists she did not break any laws when she bought a house during a government-funded trip.


Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia

Media reports say training material deemed offensive found at an Australian army centre triggered the move.


Heavy downpours bring flash floods to eastern Australia

Storms causes widespread chaos across Brisbane and the surrounding area.

Arts & Culture

Revellers gather early for New Year's Eve celebrations

Huge crowds gather for New Year's Eve celebrations as famed Sydney Harbour Bridge is set to explode in colour.


Australian announces record cocaine haul

Authorities in Sydney arrest 15 men allegedly involved in smuggling of contraband worth hundreds of millions of dollars.