Australia floodwaters still rising amid rescue effort

Two dead and several missing as torrential rain inundates large areas of eastern Australia following Cyclone Debbie.


Thousands urged to evacuate as cyclone hits Australia

High winds and heavy rainfall batter resorts along Great Barrier Reef, with some damage reported.

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Australia to release report on 'racist' juvenile abuse

The Australian government is due to release its final report into alleged mistreatment of indigenous children in prisons in the Northern Territory.

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Australia braces for Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie is forecast to be the strongest storm of the season yet.


Australian art show held on beach

'Sculpture by the sea' is an art exhibition with a difference. The artworks are displayed not in a museum, but on the beach.


Australia's Anglican Church 'ashamed' about child abuse

Australia's Anglican Church says it is 'ashamed' after a new report reveals the scale of child sex abuse.

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Environmentalists combat land clearing in Australia

Conservationists in Australia are warning that huge areas of the country are being cleared of their native vegetation at increasing rates.


Australian elections: Polls predict Nationalist party could win

The Nationalist Party wants to slash immigration and introduce restrictions on Muslims. Their policies are already influencing more mainstream parties across the country. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Willowbank near Brisbane.


Australia encourages Israel's occupation of Palestine

The Australian government's flirtation with Israel extends to a selective and dangerous approach to international law.

by Rawan Arraf


Australia's record-breaking summer

Sydney and Brisbane hot, Perth wet, Kimberley flooded, and Uluru spurting waterfalls.

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Indonesia, Australia patch up wounds after military row

Leaders of two countries agree to 'full restoration of defence cooperation' and commit to free trade.


Plane carrying five hits Melbourne shopping mall

Australian pilot and four Americans killed as engine of light plane 'fails' after takeoff from Essendon airport.

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Tropical Cyclone Alfred lashes northern Australia

Damaging winds and life-threatening floods force people from their homes around the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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Australia not doing enough to improve Aboriginal lives

Report finds Australia missing key targets to improve life for its indigenous people, including raising life expectancy.


Australia battles bushfires as heatwave continues

New South Wales endures severe off-the-scale' blaze amid a record-breaking heatwave that has sparked dire warnings.