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Revellers gather early for New Year's Eve celebrations

Huge crowds gather for New Year's Eve celebrations as famed Sydney Harbour Bridge is set to explode in colour.


Australian announces record cocaine haul

Authorities in Sydney arrest 15 men allegedly involved in smuggling of contraband worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


Record rains spread into the heart of Australia

A Christmas night storm and flash floods in Central Australia are being described as a once-in-50-year weather event.


Missing MH370: Investigators looking in the wrong place

Investigators conclude MH370 site is unlikely to be found in area crews focused on for two years.


Robots lending a helping hand on Australia's farms

Are robots the cost-saving innovation that will help Australia's farmers stay in business?


A 148-year-old temperature record broken in Australia

Sydney sees minimum temperature stay above 27C, the first time the city has witnessed that since 1868.

101 East

Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia

101 East examines why domestic violence touches so many Australian women and asks what is being done to turn the tide.


Australian PM 'confident' Trump will keep refugee deal

Once in office, Trump could veto deal for US to take 1,200 refugees from Australia's offshore prison facilities.


Protesters abseil down Australian parliament building

Protesters demanding closure of offshore prison camps abseil down parliament, stopping its proceedings for a second day.


Australian nuclear waste dump divides tiny outback town

"This land is our past, present and future and we don’t want a nuclear waste dump on it."

Human Rights

Australia and US agree refugee resettlement deal

Malcolm Turnbull announces one-off agreement under which the US will take some refugees from offshore prisons.

Human Rights

Australia PM: No refugees will be sent to US this year

Turnbull said 1,200 refugees from Nauru will not be resettled in the US before president-elect Trump takes office.


Australia: From hot to stormy, again

Inland heat and moisture combine as damaging thunderstorms sweep across the south and east.


Australia weighs law banning refugees from returning

The law would permanently ban legal visits to the country for asylum seekers arriving by boat.

101 East

Hope for Australia's Indigenous

We investigate how the Australian town of Bourke is trying to save their indigenous youth from a life of crime.