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Can tension in Armenia be contained?

An armed siege in the capital, Yerevan, has led to protests calling for President Serzh Sarkisian to step down.


Policeman shot dead as Armenia hostage drama continues

Officer shot dead in Yerevan during a stand-off with an armed group holding hostages in a police station.


Opposition supporters injured in Armenia clashes

Security forces exchange fire with protesters backing opposition group holding hostages in a police building in Yerevan.


Medics taken hostage as Armenia standoff continues

Police say gunmen who have been barricaded in a police station for 10 days have taken an ambulance crew hostage.


Last four police hostages released in Armenia standoff

Gunmen released final four police officers held captive, officials say, but remain holed up and heavily armed.


Armenia protesters, police clash over hostage crisis

At least 50 people wounded following night of violent clashes linked to four-day hostage crisis, health ministry says.


Armenia: Hostage standoff in Yerevan enters second day

Gunmen holed up in police station for a second day as negotiations to release four hostages continue.


Armenian hostage standoff and political implications

The violent act of hostage-taking is a manifestation of significant discontent within Armenia.

by Richard Giragosian


Armed men seize police station in Yerevan, Armenia

Unknown number of hostages taken inside police station as local media report group wants release of opposition figure.


Pope Francis calls on Armenia and Turkey to reconcile

Leader of the Catholic Church calls for Armenia and Turkey to lay aside their differences and strive to be peacemakers.


Pope calls mass killings of Armenians 'genocide'

During his visit to Yerevan, leader of the Catholic Church describes 1915 killing as great catastrophe of last century.

War & Conflict

Germany's Armenian resolution: Unlawful and harmful

The resolution showed that politicising history for the sake of accomplishing short-term goals does more harm than good.

by Ibrahim Kalin


Germany has no right to comment on genocide: Erdogan

Turkish leader says Ankara will never accept such charges, in strongest reaction yet to German parliament's resolution.


Turkey warns Germany of 'genocide vote' fallout

Erdogan says relations will be "seriously affected" after Germany identifies 1915 Ottoman era killings as "genocide".


Germany angers Turkey with 'Armenia genocide' vote

German MPs approve motion describing 1915 killings of Armenians as a "genocide", prompting Ankara to recall ambassador.