More than 150 killed in Angola yellow fever outbreak

At least 158 killed, with over 50 deaths reported last month, WHO says as it warns the viral disease is spreading fast.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos

Africa's second longest serving president to step down

Veteran leader announces decision to leave "active politics" after nearly four decades in power.


Africa and the legacy of the Cold War

'Red Africa': From a generation of cinematographers to the end of apartheid - Africa, Cuba and the Soviet Union.


Yellow fever hits Angola for first time in 30 years

At least 50 people killed and 241 infected in the first outbreak of the disease in the country in decades.

Human Rights

Angola launches crackdown amid plunging oil prices

By jailing a group of young activists, Angola's government has invited criticism of its rule - and its economic policy.

The Listening Post

Reverse colonialism: Angola snaps up Portuguese media

Angolan oil wealth filters back into Portugal as the former colony buys up news outlets in the country.

The Listening Post

Azerbaijan and the European Games: Did the PR pay off?

As the Baku games close, we examine the challenges facing journalists; plus, Angola, Portugal and 'reverse colonialism'.

Business & Economy

Africa's oil shock

The economic transformation of African countries and the falling price of oil.

by Zainab Usman


A very secular jihad

Western fighters on the Kurdish front lines is a counter-narrative to the thousands of foreigners who have joined ISIL.

by Crispian Cuss


The game-changing election for Africa

The election in Mozambique exposed the divide between rich and poor thanks to a more connected society.

by Ayesha Kajee


Is China-Africa cooperation a win-win situation?

Chinese PM has admitted to 'growing pains' in Sino- Africa ties while new book claims Beijing is an


Counting the Cost

Angola's sovereign wealth fund

The chairman of the national sovereign wealth fund, talks about the economic decade ahead for his country.

Counting the Cost

Modi's challenge: Reviving India's economy

The economy has grown in the first 100 days under new leadership, but who is really responsible for the current upturn?


Brazil: Destination of choice for Africans

Asylum requests skyrocketed 800 percent over four years, mostly from Africans fleeing conflict and persecution.


South Africa in Edinburgh: The role of post-apartheid art

South African art grapples with post-apartheid realities.

by Megan Anderson