Middle East

Iraq's Kakais: 'We want to protect our culture'

Iraq's Kakai religious minority is taking up arms against ISIL.

War & Conflict

The tough battle to rebuild Kobane

Residents find Syrian city in ruins after Kurdish forces succeed in pushing out ISIL.


Rebuilding Kobane

Liberated parts of Kobane must now begin to rebuild with battles raging not too far away.

by Mutlu Civiroglu

War & Conflict

Kurds face obstacles in return to devastated Kobane

Unexploded mines and remaining ISIL fighters stand in way of many returning home after Kurdish forces recapture town.

War & Conflict

Syria Kurds return to 'destroyed' Kobane

Kobane officials say at least half of the town is in ruins as many Kurds return after ISIL was pushed out on Monday.

War & Conflict

Kobane and the myth of ISIL expansion

Kurdish victory in Kobane does not mean the battle against ISIL is over.

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg

War & Conflict

Kobane: The beginning of the end for ISIL

Kurds have set their eyes on the Kobane countryside after regaining control of the city proper.

War & Conflict

Kurds on verge of 'taking full control' of Kobane

Kurdish People's Protection Units control most of Syrian town bordering Turkey after months of fighting, activists say.

War & Conflict

Kurdish fighters 'retake 90 percent of Kobane'

Kurdish People's Protection Units control most of strategic Syrian town after months of fighting, activists say.


US-led air raids hit ISIL in Iraq and Syria

Pentagon says 31 strikes in Iraq and Syria destroyed various ISIL units on Friday, including buildings and vehicles.


'I dream of a job, a school, a home'

The testimony of a young refugee from Kobane struggling to survive in Turkey.

by Huseyn Ali


Interactive: Countries countering ISIL

Pinpointing military and humanitarian aid from nations in the international struggle against the armed group.

Middle East

ISIL suffers heavy losses in Syria's Kobane

At least 50 fighters killed in the past 24 hours in fighting and US-led air strikes, rights group says.