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Severe flooding leaves 30 dead in southern Thailand

Torrential rain causes floods and mudslides across Thailand’s southern provinces affecting more than a million people.


Winter storm pummels northern California and Nevada

Northern California and Nevada see worst flooding in 11 years owing to Pineapple Express weather pattern.


Ice and snow blanket Europe

Severe cold and snow have brought misery, and some joy, across the continent.

Latin America

Bolivia weather takes centre stage in Dakar Rally

Rain storms turn sections of sixth stage route from Oruro to La Paz into a quagmire, forcing the race to be cancelled.


18 dead as torrential rains submerge Thailand's south

Heavy downpours and flooding ravages southern provinces with more than 700,000 affected over the past week.


Winter digs in across Central and Eastern Europe

Snow storms and blizzards cause travel chaos across Italy, the Balkans and much of Turkey.


Massive iceberg expected to crack off Antarctica

Breaking away of icebergs with an area of 5,000sq km will fundamentally change the landscape of frozen continent.


Food security crisis in southern Africa after drought

Millions still at risk of starvation into 2017 as consequences of severe El Nino are still felt.


Thunderstorms cause damage across Montevideo

Violent thunderstorms damage buildings and cars and leave thousands without power in the Uruguayan capital.


'There is no help': 10,000 homeless after DRC floods

Residents express frustration over the handling of the disaster that killed dozens and destroyed entire villages.


Heavy downpours bring flash floods to eastern Australia

Storms causes widespread chaos across Brisbane and the surrounding area.


Bolivia downpours leave at least eight dead

Torrential rains lead to widespread flooding across much of western Bolivia.

Middle East

Dense winter fog blankets Arab Gulf countries

Long-lasting bank of sea fog has caused traffic jams and flight delays, with visibility going down below 50 metres.


Alpine ski resorts plagued by lack of snow

Poor skiing conditions can be blamed on an anticyclone which has been sitting across Europe for several weeks.


Record rains spread into the heart of Australia

A Christmas night storm and flash floods in Central Australia are being described as a once-in-50-year weather event.