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Myanmar hit by powerful tropical cyclone

The year's first cyclone of the northern hemisphere forms in the Bay of Bengal and dissipates over the west of Myanmar.


Will the 'Long Rains' save Somalia?

The 2016 rains failed in the Horn of Africa; this season will be critical for Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Middle East

Flash floods kill at least 30 in northwest Iran

Major flooding triggered by heavy rains in East Azerbaijan province also swept away cars after rivers burst their banks.


Heatwave builds across northern India and Pakistan

Pre-monsoon temperatures continue to rise, prompting health concerns.

Asia Pacific

New Zealand braced for next bout of flooding rain

Remnants of Cyclone Cook expected to bring torrential rain and damaging winds to the North Island.

Latin America

Argentina floods damage homes in south

Southern Argentina has been hit by more rain in the past few days than the region has seen in several years. The downpour has caused mudslides that have damaged homes.


Parks come to life as spring arrives across Europe

Flowers burst forth as temperatures in many parts of the continent recover after cold winter and chilly early spring.


California governor declares end to drought emergency

Up to 100 million trees died in one of driest periods in the state's history.

Asia Pacific

New Zealand floods force mass evacuations

Parts of New Zealand's North Island are under a state of emergency because of a severe storm system.


Pre-monsoon heat builds early in India

Temperatures are currently running around five degrees above average across much of northern India.

Humanitarian crises

Bodies decomposing in Colombia morgue after landslides

Death toll, currently at 273, could rise as rescuers search for more victims and survivors after flooding and mudslides.


Clean-up under way across flood-hit eastern Australia

Tropical Cyclone Debbie clears away from Queensland and New South Wales, allowing residents to return home.

Latin America

Hopes fade as Colombians comb rubble for signs of life

Search and rescue teams dig through mud after devastating landslides triggered by heavy rains kill more than 200.

Latin America

Colombia mudslides kill more than 200

Rescue effort suspended for the night as hundreds still missing following mudslides in Mocoa, southwest Colombia.


Australia floodwaters still rising amid rescue effort

Two dead and several missing as torrential rain inundates large areas of eastern Australia following Cyclone Debbie.