CeBIT 2017: Cutting-edge digital technologies on show

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe have kicked off the opening ceremony of the annual CeBIT trade fair in Germany. Cybersecurity and robotics will be the main attractions in this year's event in Hanover.


Pakistan asks Facebook for help to fight blasphemy

Pakistanis turn to social media network for help in investigating "blasphemous content" on the platform.

Science & Technology

Artificial intelligence will delete nationalism

AI-enabled fully fluent live audio translation may bring the end of the nation state as we know it.

by Nabil Al-Khowaiter

US & Canada

Silicon Valley rally held against Donald Trump

Hundreds of workers from Apple, Facebook and other tech companies took the day to join a rally called "Tech Stands Up" in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Science & Technology

Silicon Valley workers protest against Donald Trump

Tech workers protest against what they call the discriminatory policymaking of US President Donald Trump.

US & Canada

Silicon Valley angered by Donald Trump's policies

US President Donald Trump has faced a lot of opposition at home and abroad to his policies on immigration. Plans of raising tariffs on Mexico and limiting free trade are also angering many technology companies at Silicon Valley.

United Kingdom

Internet creator is concerned over fake news

The British scientist widely credited with creating the 'World Wide Web' says he wants to save it from so called-fake news and targeted advertising.

Latin America

Chile builds new hub for world's largest telescope

Northern Chile is fast becoming the astronomical eyes of the world. And now an enormous astronomical centre that will house the world's largest telescope is under construction in the Atacama Desert.

US & Canada

Efforts to narrow digital divide in the US

The new US telecommunications regulator is pledging to narrow what's been called the digital divide.


Popping your political filter bubble

Does technology help or hurt engagement with others?


UN: 200,000 die each year from pesticide poisoning

Report says pesticides are having 'catastrophic impacts' on human health and environment while failing to end hunger.

Asia Pacific

New Zealand sheep farmers use drones to shepherd

Shepherding is one of the oldest professions in the world, but sheep farmers in New Zealand are finding innovative ways to bring the job into the modern era. The use of drones is revolutionising the work life of farmers in the country.

Cyber Security

WikiLeaks reveals alleged CIA hacking programme

Leak suggests CIA malware systems have targeted iPhones, Android systems, Microsoft software and Samsung smart TVs.

Middle East

The disputed gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean

The eastern Mediterranean sea has several large natural gas deposits. The fields could be worth billions of dollars.


Smart home tech exhibited at Barcelona’s MWC 2017

From turning your lights on and your heating off, to letting you know when your fridge needs more food, smart home technology is a growing industry. Al Jazeera went to explore the latest smart gadgets and appliances on show at the MWC 2017.