Science & Technology

Into the wild of Antarctica: Scientists, robots and 'pancake ice'

Al Jazeera follows 55 scientists conducting 22 science research projects in Antarctica.


Scientists create first human-pig embryos

Step towards growing transplantable organs is taken by creation of embryos combining pig and human stem cells.

Donald Trump

Trump to blame as doomsday draws closer, scientists say

Comments by Donald Trump on nuclear weapons and climate change have made the world less safe, atomic scientists say.

Science & Technology

Braving 15-metre high waves en route to Antarctica

Al Jazeera joins 55 scientists who will be conducting 22 science research projects along the way to Antarctica.


Study linking herbicide to serious disease fuels debate

UK scientists say a first-ever long-term study shows popular weed-killer Roundup caused severe liver damage in rats.

101 East

Vietnam's Tech Rush

Vietnam's young tech entrepreneurs are transforming the country into Southeast Asia's Silicon Valley.

Science & Technology

Farewell to the last man to walk on the Moon

Before his death, Gene Cernan threw down the challenge to the next generation to forge the destiny of tomorrow.

by Mark Craig

US & Canada

Guilty VW to pay record $4.3bn over emissions scandal

Penalty is largest ever levied by the US government against a carmaker as Volkswagen admits guilt to three charges.


Giving voice to the voiceless

TechKnow explores how new voice technology that sounds ever more human becomes the ultimate gift to the voiceless.


Ten predictions for 2017

After a tumultuous 2016, here are 10 predictions for what the next 12 months hold for the world.


The business of bones

TeckKnow investigates the modern-day Indiana Jones behind the booming business of dinosaur bones.


Robots lending a helping hand on Australia's farms

Are robots the cost-saving innovation that will help Australia's farmers stay in business?


Can faux rhino horn help save the species?

As high demand for rhino horn continues to fuel illegal poaching, TechKnow investigates how science is fighting back.

Inside Story

Should social media companies ban certain content?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft to join hands and filter out content they consider "terrorist propaganda".


Germany blames Russia for 'aggressive cyber espionage'

Moscow targets EU's biggest economy with disinformation campaign and hacking ahead of 2017 election, Germany says.