Six scientists in a pod: 17 days on a simulated space mission

Six scientists are spending the next 17 days locked inside a pod in the Russian capital, Moscow, in an experiment that tests the psychological effects of a mission into deep space.


Laika the space dog 60 years on

It has been 60 years since a Soviet dog named Laika became the first animal to orbit Earth.

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Study reveals the rise of robot workforce

There are growing concerns that artificial intelligence and robotics will take more jobs away from people as they are further developed.

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ReStart Life aims to help US video game addicts

ReStart Life is the first treatment programme in the United States specifically targeting video game and internet addicts.


If we can't trust Kaspersky, should we trust Microsoft?

In the current environment of suspicion, what we need is a global convention on software safety.

Haroon Meer

by Haroon Meer

Haroon Meer


Car-makers struggle to attract millennial buyers

The world's top vehicle-makers are displaying their latest supercars and driving technology at the Tokyo Motor Show.


The 73-year-old taking on the tech giants

Occupational health lawyer Amanda Hawes talks toxic chemicals and their deadly cost for tech workers.

The 73-year-old taking on the tech giants

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World's fastest car in the making?

The Bloodhound Project team successfully tested their groundbreaking car and will eventually attempt to exceed a speed of 1600 kilometres per hour in South Africa.

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Can virtual reality help the future of surgery?

An international team of doctors has worked together to carry out surgery on a woman in a London hospital, but only one was in the room. Using virtual reality technology, doctors around the world were able to participate in the consultation.


Google honours scientist behind 'Chandrasekhar limit'

It took over 30 years for the world to recognise Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar's discoveries.

S Chandrasekhar: Why Google honours him today

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Death by Design

An investigation into the deadly health and environmental costs of the electronics industry.


Antibiotics and the evolution of the superbug

What over prescription, lack of access, and even the meat you eat, may be doing to your immune system.

Antibiotics and the evolution of the superbug

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Historic neutron stars collision observed in space

Scientists have observed an age-old collision of two giant neutron stars.

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New NASA mission aims to deflect potentially disastrous asteroids

An asteroid the size of a house passed close to Earth earlier in October. There are about 17,000 known objects that make passes near our planet, but the paths of many more are unknown.

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What can be learned from California wildfires?

The wildfires burning in the US state of California have killed 21 people, with hundreds still missing. More than 3,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed - and fire experts say some of the damage could have been prevented.